[ISN] Re: Security Breaches Surge Over Past Two Years

From: jerichot_private
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 01:58:37 PDT

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    From: Julian Assange <profft_private>
    To: ukcryptot_private
    > Many of you will have read the recent report of the FBI claiming
    > security breaches rose by 250% over the past couple of years, well the
    > following is from a US lawyers listserve...
    Security consciousness is likely to *raise* the number of reported
    In my view, two things, primarily, are responsible for the //decrease//
    reported by CERT. 
    	(1) CERT is becoming progressively marginalised by other players.
    	(2) Low skill attacks are so common, they are presumed to be
                par-for-the-course in relation to internet connectivity. 
    	    System admins realise that their Cliff-Stoll playing days 
    	    are over, and the best strategy is to minimise escalation 
    	    and consequential loss, resulting not from the hacker-attack
    	    per-se, but the response to it.
    What that FBI figure doesn't tell you, is that the rise is in-line with
    the growth of the network itself. Stating, for instance, that the number
    of murders in Chicago rose 250% from 1890 to 1933 is mischievous, if the
    number of people also rose 250%. 
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