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From: jerichot_private
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 14:46:40 PDT

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    WELLESLEY, Mass.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-April 21, 1998-
    First Product to Allow Protection of Your Computer Network Through the
    Personal Security of Face Recognition Miros, Inc., developers of the
    world's easiest and most reliable personal identification systems, today
    announced TrueFace Network(tm), the latest product in the TrueFace family.
    TrueFace Network is the ultimate in user-friendly security for your local
    area network. This breakthrough product uses Miros' proven face
    recognition technology to secure networked computer systems. TrueFace
    Network records the faces of authorized personnel and creates unique and
    personal keys which unlock access to a company's applications and data.
    TrueFace replaces passwords that can be forgotten or stolen, and token
    cards which can be lost or broken. Users need only look at their computer
    to gain access. TrueFace Network offers a viable solution to a problem
    revealed by recent statistics. The Computer Security Institute, FBI and
    Ernst & Young report that nearly 50% of all network attacks occur from the
    inside. Even more alarming, 83% of employees in a NetVersant survey
    reported spotty, or no, compliance with their company's network security
    policies. Miros has answered the call for heightened internal security.
    TrueFace Network is quick and easy, allowing users to logon to the network
    within seconds of sitting down to their computers. Built in fraud
    detection allows the product to distinguish photographs from faces.
    TrueFace also provides an audit image of each logon attempt, notifying
    administrators of unauthorized attempts to access the network. "TrueFace
    Network is a powerful evolution of the TrueFace technology," said Dr.
    Michael Kuperstein, president and CEO of Miros, Inc. 
    "For the first time a network can be securely accessed without the fear of
    passwords being forgotten or stolen, you need only your face. TrueFace
    products now ensure protection of intellectual property by providing PC
    and Network security." Beyond its internal capabilities, TrueFace Network
    allows remote users to subscribe over the network from an off-site PC or
    workstation. This function enables users to enroll from wherever they may
    be logging onto the network, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Using
    an inexpensive video camera attached to a PC or workstation, a facial
    image is compared to previously enrolled images. The TrueFace technology
    is based on a neural network, mimicking the way the brain works, to ensure
    proper recognition. TrueFace Network Server requires a Pentium-class
    computer system with Microsoft NT Server4.x or Microsoft SQL Server 6.5,
    and appropriate RAM and disk space for the above products. The TrueFace
    Network Client system requires a Pentium-class PC running Windows 95 or
    Windows NT 4.x. It should also have video-for-windows, a compatible video
    camera and a minimum 16MB RAM and 5MB free hard drive space. TrueFace
    Network's Administration Server gives the security administrator complete
    flexibility and control over the enrollment process and the acceptance of
    remote and local users who are registering. TrueFace Network provides the
    administrator with the ability to audit any access attempt whether
    successful or not, for one user or more, by date or by event. The TrueFace
    database functions support multiple images of each user. 
    About Miros, Inc.
    Miros Inc., located in Wellesley, MA, is the world leader in personal
    identification systems based on face recognition. The company develops and
    markets software for logical and physical security, as well as time and
    attendance. Miros' products include TrueFace PC, TrueFace Network and
    TrueFace Web for computer and data security, and TrueFace Access, a
    complete security solution for physical access control. All TrueFace
    products incorporate TrueFace Engine, Miros' patent-pending neural network
    face recognition technology, plus TrueFace Isolator, the first automated
    neural network face locator. The TrueFace Engine is the first and only
    biometric product currently used in check-cashing ATMs worldwide. Miros
    has strategic alliances with Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Compaq, Sun
    Microsystems, Eastman Kodak, Cash America and Connectix to provide cost
    effective, non-intrusive and secure biometrics authentication technology.
    For more information about Miros, visit its web site at
    http://www.miros.com, or call 781/235-0330. -0-
    TrueFace PC and TrueFace Access are registered trademarks of Miros, Inc. 
    All products or service names mentioned are trademarks of their respective
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