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                    InfoEdge publishes Information Security in a ...
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    InfoEdge publishes Information Security in a Networked World: How
    Vulnerable Are You?
         Business/Technology Editors
         STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 27, 1998-- 
                 GartnerGroup Research Helps IT Professionals
       Establish Information Security Strategies for the Next Millennium
         Information-security penetration is a rapidly growing problem. Forty
    percent of 400 companies surveyed by GartnerGroup reported recent break-ins
    to their computer networks, even though thirty percent said they were
    protected by firewalls. The FBI has estimated that ninety-five percent of
    unauthorized computer incursions go undetected. An estimated 108 million
    people will be working outside the traditional office by 2002. To meet
    their information needs, companies will need to provide greater remote
    access in the next millennium despite the threat of information security
         To help IT managers establish strategies to meet these challenges,
    InfoEdge has published the first-ever report dedicated specifically to
    Information Security entitled Information Security in a Networked World:
    How Vulnerable Are You? This report, compiled from Gartner Group, Inc.
    research, provides IT professionals with research and advice on
    establishing an Information Security strategy for the next millennium. It
    addresses such topics as: the latest security technologies and products;
    how to handle virus-enabled malicious code; new methods to secure
    application products and their databases; controlling access in a mobile
    world; and the legal implications of doing something (or nothing) about
    information security.
         The revolution of Internet commerce will make information security
    more critical than ever. By 2001, seventy-five percent of intranet Web
    servers will run on Windows NT, an operating system that has not been
    immune to incursions. The Internet networking protocol was developed to
    enable communications, but securing those communications was never
    considered. The unfortunate fact is that hackers have circumvented much of
    today's protection technology.
         Protecting information systems is vital to almost every corporation in
    the world. This report from InfoEdge provides the definitive answers that
    IT managers need to know to protect their systems from unauthorized
    incursions and maintain system integrity and continuity.
    Table of Contents
         The report Information Security in a Networked World: How Vulnerable
    Are You? is 170 pages and contains the following sections:
    --The Outlook for Information Security: New Technologies Bring New 
      Risks --The Legal Implications of Information Security --Cryptography,
    Electronic Commerce and the Commercial Enterprise:
      X.509 Certificate Authorities --Authentication Plus Authorization Equals
    Access Control --Catching Viruses, Maintaining Integrity and Managing
    Malicious Code --Security Strategies for Remote Access Users
    --Internetworking Security: It's You Against the World --How Secure Are You
    in a Windows NT Environment? --Enterprise Applications on the Web:
    Introducing New Security 
      Considerations --Business Continuity Planning: Preparing for the
    Impending Disaster
    Pricing and Availability
         Information Security in a Networked World: How Vulnerable Are You? is
    available exclusively from InfoEdge in book or CD-ROM format at a price of
    U.S. $850. Multiple copy discounts and multi-user licenses are available.
    To obtain a copy, please call InfoEdge at 800-544-7337 (203-363-7150
    outside the U.S.), fax 800-760-9956, (203-363-7155 outside the U.S.), or
    via email at jwhitney@info-edge.com.
         GartnerGroup is the world's leading independent advisor to business
    professionals making IT decisions, including users, purchasers, and vendors
    of IT products and services. More than 200 Gartner Group premium reports
    are available from InfoEdge. 
    About InfoEdge
         InfoEdge, with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, provides a
    one-stop shopping source for premium information technology (IT) research
    reports and studies available from a growing list of leading industry
    analyst firms. The company is committed to making timely IT research
    available, affordable and accessible to executives worldwide. InfoEdge
    publishes reports in both print and electronic formats, which are marketed
    directly and through the company's "Virtual IT Bookstore" on the Internet
    at http://www.info-edge.com.
         CONTACT: VMI 
                  Becky Stevens, (860) 347-5042
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