[ISN] Euro-PGP, PGP 6.0 (export/NSA defeat)

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 18:42:20 PDT

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    time.com / The Netly News
    May 4, 1998
    by Declan McCullagh, Lev Grossman and Nathaniel Wice
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           We caught up to PGP founder Phil Zimmermann Saturday evening at a
       party in Washington, DC. The legendary cryptographer had spoken    
       earlier that day to human rights advocates at the American Association
       for the Advancement of Science and was on his way back from a trip to
       England. He proudly handed us a shrinkwrapped copy of the
       international version of PGP. Euro-PGP, marketed by Network Associates
       International B.V. in Amsterdam, is just as secure as U.S.-PGP, and 
       was legally exported -- much to the consternation of nettled
       cryptocrats at the NSA.
           Zimmermann says he's been busy steering the development of PGP in
       a direction consistent with the software's proud cypherpunk heritage.
       Some of the new features appearing in PGP 6.0: designated revokers,
       which lets you authorize a trusted friend to tell the world not to
       trust your key any more if you lose it or if it's stolen. "It's kind
       of like granting power of attorney to someone," Zimmermann says. The
       forthcoming version will also support photo IDs -- small graphic files
       -- attached to keys for added security. 
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