Re: [ISN] Are Biometrics Hashable?

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 21:45:46 PDT

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    From: spafat_private (Gene Spafford)
    > Public knowledge since over 30 years now is that the iris does not
    > change.  Unless, of course, you use your eye.  Who exactly proved that
    > eludes me, but it's written in my dictionary, so I trust that
    > information.  If he's journalist, he should be able to find that out by
    > himself.
    Well, you don't want to quite trust what you have.  The human iris
    can change over time, and in particular may change color or develop
    occlusions from injury.   
    Other things can also affect iris recognition, including cataracts,
    some forms of infection, contact lenses, certain forms of injury,
    Simply FYI.
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