[ISN] Alleged hacker goes to court (Colorado/University)

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Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 01:39:55 PDT

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    Here's a news article I found at
    Alleged hacker goes to court
     Colorado Daily Staff Writer
     A CU student accused of giving away 12 CU e-mail passwords to other
    hackers throughout the world, a crime carrying serious consequences, had
    his first appearance in court Wednesday. 
     Joshua Gregory Pearson, 18, could face one to three years in the state
    penitentiary if he is found guilty of the crime. Although the crime
    allegedly occurred in March, a standard five-week delay, inherent in
    crimes with a felony summons, instead of immediate arrests allows
    prosecutors to investigate the case thoroughly before bringing the issue
    to court. 
     "There's no huge rush," said Peter Brandon, a CU police officer.
    "There's no perishable evidence."
     Since the CU computer network security was breached, CU's Information
    Technology Services
    has worked to make sure people encrypt information transferred over
    Internet lines.
     "New networking in the dormitories will be architected to avoid
    eavesdropping," said Ken Klingenstein, ITS director. Eavesdropping means
    that, "People sit in on the network and grab people's passwords, which is
    basically how the password is taken. 
     "Additional networking in the dormitories will provide another level of
    defense against this type of action in the future," Klingenstein said. 
     Although this computer crime has pretty much been closed as far as ITS is
    concerned, these types of crimes in general will continue to consume a
    large amount of technology officials' time, Klingenstein said. 
     "More people are using computers," he said. "The volume of these types of
    incidences are certainly increasing. 
     "We, unfortunately, need to spend part of our time supplying legal
    defenses," he said.
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