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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 23:49:36 PDT

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    Status: public release
    On May 7, 1998, Purdue University unveiled a new University Center
    devoted to education and research into protection of critical
    information resources: CERIAS.  The Purdue CERIAS (pronounced
    "serious") is the:
        Center for
        Education and
        Research in
        Assurance and
    The mission of the CERIAS is to provide innovation and leadership in
    technology for the protection of information and information
    resources, and in the development and enhancement of expertise in
    information assurance and security.
    The Center is multidisciplinary in nature and will address the
    problems of information protection from a variety of different
    perspectives. This includes research, development, and education in:
        computer and network security 
        communications security 
        public policy regarding information security 
        information management and policy development 
        social, legal and ethical aspects of information use and abuse 
        the economics of information assurance 
        electronic commerce security 
        risk management for computing systems and networks 
        awareness and training methods for infosec professionals 
        computer crime investigation and response 
        information warfare issues 
    The May 7th announcement was made by Purdue's Executive Vice President
    and Provost, Dr. Robert Ringel, during the annual meeting of the COAST
    Laboratory's external advisory board.  His comments summarized the
    history and importance of Purdue efforts in information technologies,
    and restated the support at every level of the University for efforts
    embodied in the new CERIAS.  His announcement culminated many months
    of planning and deliberation, and also included a major commitment of
    resources to the Center's establishment and operation. This support
    includes funding for supplies and administrative staff, and the
    renovation of substantial, dedicated office and laboratory space in
    Recitation Hall on the West Lafayette campus.
    This new Center is a logical expansion of several leading-edge,
    world-renowned programs currently in place at Purdue, and in
    particular, an extension and enhancement of the COAST
    Laboratory. Professor Eugene Spafford of the Department of Computer
    Sciences and Director of the COAST Laboratory was named as the interim
    director of the CERIAS; once the administrative structure of the
    Center is finalized, Professor Spafford is expected to be named as the
    on-going Director of the CERIAS.
    The CERIAS will draw from personnel throughout Purdue's many schools,
    centers, and departments, as well as working cooperatively with
    researchers in industry, government, and other academic institutions
    around the world. Because of the inclusion of COAST resources and
    faculty, along with the initial involvement of faculty across campus,
    the CERIAS comes into being with 18 faculty in six departments and
    over two dozen graduate students as its initial personnel.  As befits
    a world-class research group, this staff includes a stellar cast of
    research faculty, including two distinguished chaired professors, a
    member of the National Academy of Engineering, three Fellows of the
    ACM, three Fellows of the IEEE, a Fellow of the IIE, and a Fellow of
    the AAAS.  Over the next few months, these researchers, will be joined
    by other faculty, staff and students at Purdue committed to the
    mission and goals of CERIAS.
    CERIAS will develop an external sponsorship program similar in nature
    to the very successful sponsor program of the COAST Laboratory. This
    mechanism encourages outside participation with and feedback to the
    researchers, provides current commercial technology and viewpoints to
    the students, and provides early access to technology and to graduates
    by the sponsors.  Most of the current COAST Laboratory sponsors are
    expected to transition to this new Center, and many other corporate
    entities and government agencies have expressed interest in
    participating in the CERIAS sponsor program.
    More information on the CERIAS will shortly be available at the Center
    WWW site: <http://www.cerias.purdue.edu/>.  (It may be a while for
    this to propagate throughout the DNS systems on campus; if you are
    unable to reach the site directly, a temporary link is also available
    via <http://www.cs.purdue.edu/coast/cerias/>.)
    Other inquiries may be e-mailed to the Director, <spafat_private>.
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