[ISN] WSJ: Gore To Unveil High-Tech Effort Against Crime

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               WSJ: Gore To Unveil High-Tech Effort Against Crime
    DJ   5/19/98 7:01 AM  
      By John Simons 
      Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal 
      WASHINGTON -- Vice President Al Gore is expected to unveil a White House
    effort to strengthen federal law enforcement, an initiative that includes
    arming agents with James Bond-like high-technology gadgets. 
      In a speech today at the 17th annual Peace Officers Memorial Services
    here, Mr. Gore is expected to announce that the Energy Department will
    share its vast storehouse of valuable technology with the Federal Bureau of
    Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Until now,
    the tools had been used only by the Energy Department to root out Cold War
    espionage. The initiative doesn't involve any additional funds. 
      The technology that will be shared with FBI and ATF agents includes: 
      -- Portable chemical-analysis machines that can gather forensic
    crime-scene  data. 
      -- Software used to track cellular-telephone fraud, Internet pedophile 
    activity and on-line intellectual-property theft. 
      -- Hand-held geographic positioning devices that can record video, store 
    voice notes and help agents visually reconstruct crime scenes. 
      -- Nuclear-detection technology and drug-analysis laboratories.  
      "This new partnership will help law enforcement across the country deploy
    the cutting-edge technologies of our national labs to fight drugs, violent
    crime, white-collar crime and terrorism," Mr. Gore said yesterday. "With
    this landmark agreement, we will be able to fight 21st century crime with
    21st century crimefighting tools." 
      Mr. Gore also is expected to ask Congress to pass proposed legislation
    that provides funding for bulletproof vests for state, local and federal
    police officers. And he will call for stiff penalties on criminals who use
    bulletproof vests when they commit crimes. 
      In some sense, the Clinton administration is making up for lost time. In
    an era when young hackers routinely break into government computers and
    drug traffickers mask their deeds with encrypted cellular-phone calls,
    law-enforcement officials and private analysts widely acknowledge that the
    police are at somewhat of a disadvantage. 
      In his speech, Mr. Gore is expected to highlight a recent example of how
    technology partnerships can help fight crime. The Energy Department's Oak
    Ridge National Laboratory helped police in Chattanooga, Tenn., solve a case
    in which the defendant said that he accidentally shot and killed a store
    clerk in a scuffle during a 1995 holdup. The police took the store's video
    surveillance tape to the national lab, where forensic technicians digitally
    enhanced the video and determined that the shooting was deliberate. 
      When presented with the evidence, the suspect agreed to plead guilty to
    first-degree murder and was sentenced to life without parole. The local
    district attorney's office estimates that the lab's work saved more than
    $100,000 by avoiding a death-penalty trial. 
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