Re: [ISN] Buying Into Networked Warfare

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 20:12:03 PDT

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    Reply From: John McLaughlin <rattrapat_private>
    I can't help but remember reading a "story" concerning the real reason why
    police forces were appearing to have such effective strategies for battling
    The story amounted to data supporting the effectiveness of NYPD's police
    strategy (all police forces, actually) having more to do with a decline in
    the population, or, the age of criminal eligibility.  There are simply less
    people around to be criminals, statistically speaking.
    The same report stated that the in (aprox.) 3-5 years, those numbers of the
    population who will be eligible for criminal activity will jump
    significantly again.  There's simply a larger group of citizens approaching
    the age of corruption and criminal behavior.
    How will these strategies hold then?  I don't know.
    Are these rported facts actually true?  Who knows.
    If it is, should Admirals of the Armed Forces base their 21st Century
    warfare tatics on these claims of better efficiency?
    You decide.
    >By Bryan Bender Washington DC.
    >The US Navy (USN) is embarking on an ambitious, multi-billion-dollar
    >project to create a 21st-century fleet equipped with state-of-the - art
    >information technologies and possessing the doctrine and organisational
    >structures required to use these new tools effectively.
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