[ISN] Programmer sentenced for military computer intrusion

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 18:34:06 PDT

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    Programmer sentenced for military computer intrusion
    May 25, 1998
    Web posted at: 11:59 AM EDT (1159 GMT) 
    DAYTON, Ohio (AP)- A computer programmer was sentenced to six months
    at a halfway house for gaining access to a military computer that
    tracks Air Force aircraft and missile systems.
    Steven Liu, 24, was also fined $5,000 Friday after pleading guilty to
    exceeding authorized access to a computer.
    Liu, a Chinese national who worked for a
    military contractor in Dayton, downloaded passwords from a $148
    million database at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He said he
    accidentally discovered the password file and used it to try to find
    his job-performance evaluation.
    "It's not like innocent negligence," U.S. Magistrate Michael Merz told
    Liu. "You knew how important the system was and should have known how
    important it was to maintain its security."
    The database is not classified. It contains maintenance and
    failure-rate information about weapons systems and is used to make
    funding decisions.
    Air Force investigators said Liu neither destroyed nor altered
    information and didn't create a way to enter the system once passwords
    were changed.
    But they said they couldn't be sure he didn't supply information to
    others or that others didn't access the system.
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