[ISN] CzERT Group of hackers ravage Czech/Slovak networks

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 07:27:19 PDT

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    Vol.Three Issue #107       The Surveillance List Forum        June
    02) CzERT group of hackers ravage Czech & Slovak cyberspace  
    2)From: hippyman <<hippymanat_private>
    I don't know if a country on earth exists whose high profile Web sites
    have been repeatedly hacked for over two years with the perpetrators still
    on the loose as in the Czech Republic (Czechia) and Slovak Republic
    (Slovakia).  As reported by IntelliTech Media's Networked Business &
    Information Security
    News (NBISN),
    /nbisn, on 18May1998, the
    CzERT group of Czech and Slovak hackers continue to ravage the net,
    claiming over 200 hacked Web sites (CzERT is pronounced "chairt" which
    sounds like the Czech word "Cert" which means "devil" or "demon"). 36 of
    these hacks (23 in Czechia, 13 in Slovakia, total of 28 sites hacked with
    7 sites twice-repeatedly hacked and one site thrice-repeatedly hacked) are
    archived at
    media.cz/sa/cee-hack-archive and include hacks of the Czech Army, a bank,
    a Web chat site (hackers posted list of alleged software pirates), a
    search engine site, a magazine for police, ISPs (little animated e-man
    sauntered across the screen and pissed on the ISP's logo), a couple of
    daily news sites, a press agency (delivered their own news story), a
    computer magazine site, UNICEF's site, software vendors' sites, schools,
    various ministries and more. Some of the latest hacks have boldly taunted
    the Police captain who is solely responsible for catching the hackers. 
    The latest hack, 16May1998, featured a picture purported to be that of the
    police captain... it was indeed the picture of a pleasant and
    compassionate looking "sea captain" kind of a guy featured on packages of
    "Captain Igloo"  frozen fish sticks. 
    NBISN's 4,775 word story "CzERT lives on," presents plenty of views into
    the CzERT members' cyber-personalities and clues as to their identities... 
    but they remain on the loose and boldly claim to have done a hell of a lot
    more than just hack a few publicly visible Web sites. Perhaps the risk of
    most interest to foreigners is in doing business in countries like Czechia
    and Slovakia where there is plenty of money being spent and made on
    computing, networking and communications hardware and software but far too
    little money available for crime-fighters. One view is that the USA and
    other countries are, in essence, blindly putting technology into the hands
    of criminals. 
    A police major in the capital city of Prague with almost 15 years of
    service makes only about US$ 500 per month and the police are way behind,
    for the most part, when it comes to technology. Most police I have
    interviewed who do have PCs are using 386- or 486-based machines and
    Internet connectivity is very scarce. Many IT companies, whether US,
    Canadian, West European, Asian or whatever, come here to make lots of
    money but totally ignore developments in crime and law-enforcement.
    Perhaps it's about time that they all pitched in and made a big donation
    to help bring crime-fighters up to speed. 
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