[ISN] SPA Cooperates with FBI in Five Raids

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 19:44:48 PDT

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    Software and Equipment Seized from Computer Fair, Residences and Vehicles.
    WASHINGTON, June 1 /PRNewswire/ - SPA applauds the efforts of the U.S.
    Attorney (Indiana) and Federal Bureau of Investigation in its crackdown
    Saturday, May 30, 1998, against a suspected piracy operation in
    Indianapolis, Ind., and Radcliff, Ky. The FBI, in cooperation with the
    Software Publishers Association and its members, Autodesk Inc. and Adobe
    Inc., performed several raids after a four-month investigation of
    individuals accused of illegally replicating and selling CD-ROM
    compilations and counterfeits of SPA members' software.
    The suspects, working under the business names of "Indiana Micro Systems"
    and "Atlanta Micro Systems," operated a booth at several MarketPro computer
    shows in Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana, as well as at an AGI Computer Fairs
    show in Indiana. On Saturday, May 30, FBI agents served search warrants on
    the suspects' booth at a MarketPro computer fair in Indianapolis, two
    residences, a business and the van used to transport the contraband. Agents
    seized counterfeit software, unbundled software and hardware, including the
    CD-ROM replicators used to manufacture the counterfeit CDs.
    The investigation was initiated based on information indicating the
    suspects were allegedly distributing unauthorized copies of SPA members'
    software as CD compilations and counterfeits. The suspects allegedly sold
    counterfeit copies of AutoCad Release 14 (normally a $3,750 product) on CDs
    without documentation for $75 as well as a CD compilation with more than
    $3,500 worth of Adobe software for $60.
    Consumers can often recognize illegal software by looking for software and
    printed packaging that may appear fuzzy (generally indicating counterfeit
    software), statements on the CD saying "For Distribution Only With PC"
    (indicating the software may be unbundled), software from many publishers
    on a single CD (which generally means the software is also counterfeit) or
    software sold far below the normal retail price - a deal too good to be
    true probably is.
    SPA is the principal trade association of the software industry,
    representing the leading publishers as well as start-up firms in the
    business, home office, consumer, entertainment and educational markets. SPA
    supports companies that develop and publish software applications and tools
    for use on the desktop, client-server networks and the Internet. SPA's 1200
    member companies account for 85 percent of U.S. revenue for packaged and
    online software. In cooperation with other states' law enforcement offices,
    SPA is presently conducting investigations into computer crimes.
    Hundreds of member companies look to SPA to protect their intellectual
    property rights around the world. SPA combines strong anti-piracy education
    and enforcement efforts through such programs as its piracy hotline,
    800-388-7478, the Certified Software Manager (CSM) and Internet in the
    Workplace courses, SPAudit, KeyAudit, videos, posters, direct mail
    campaigns and other awareness materials. More information on SPA's software
    piracy efforts can be found at www.spa.org/piracy.
    SOURCE Software Publishers Association -0-06/01/98
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