Re: [ISN] Hackers Find More Ways In

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 11:23:33 PDT

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    [Moderator: No matter how much you spoon feed some journalists, they
     just don't take the time to produce quality articles. I would think
     Pete knows the difference after his wardialing project. Staying on
     the journalist's case is another thing...]
    Reply From: krys <krysat_private>
    > Dumpster divers pick through corporate garbage to find
    > sensitive data such as passwords. War-dialing is the
    > rapid-fire entry of user account names and passwords 
    > until a match is found.
    Is it? And here I thought that the above description fit brute force
    hacking, and that war dialing was rapid dialing of telephone numbers to
    locate carriers. C'mon Pete, if you're going to throw them quotes, at
    least make sure they get their terminology right.
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