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Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 00:29:53 PDT

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    P L E A S E   D I S T R I B U T E   W I D E L Y
    C A L L   F O R  P A P E R S
    Assurance for the Global Convergence: 
    Enterprise, Infrastructure and Information Operations
    Mount Royal Hotel, London, UK
    December 7-9
    December 7 - Tutorials
    December 8-9  General Session.
    MIS Training Institute - www.misti.com
    Winn Schwartau, Interpact, Inc. - www.infowar.com
    The Global community gets smaller and smaller, especially as technology
    unites us all. Heretofore disparate entities now face the same challenges,
    adversaries and opportunities. 
    InfowarCon-9 will examine how three entities will coexist and survive:
     The private enterprise conducting global commerce
     The national and municipal infrastructure 
     Military and Government Information Operations (Defense and Offense)
    Interested parties from government, law enforcement, academia,
    corporations, product vendors and individuals from all nations are invited
    to submit papers or concepts for papers/presentation to be given at
    InfoWarCon-9 and published in the Conference Proceedings and at
    www.infowar.com. The following Solutions Oriented topics are of special
    interest to the conference, but all papers will be considered. Entertaining
    and interactive sessions focussing on leading edge thinking and issues are
     Infrastructural protection, cyber-attacks, and defensive methodologies
     Y2K Versus EU Conversions: Is there an easy way?
     Information Operations in the Military
     Offensive Weapons and Technologies
     Weapons of Mass Destruction for the Terrorist
     Espionage: Corporate and National
     Effective VPN/PKI for Defending Global Commerce
     Open Source Intelligence for InfoWar
     Joint Global Information Operations versus InfoWar?
     International Law Enforcement and Cooperation
     InfoWar Disaster Response Training
     Denial of Service Attacks and Methodology
     The Law and War
     New Info-Sec Models for Local and Global Enterprises
     Case Studies and Real World Successes of Defensive Information Warfare
     Electronic Civil Defense Policies
     National Defense and Intelligence Mechanisms
     Education: For the Choir and the Congregation
     Dealing with the Non-nation State Actor
     Interactive Infowar and Strategic Gaming
     Redefining the Responsibility of the State
     Case Studies of Prosecution: Successful and Not
     Corporate Vigilantism and Self-Preservation
     The Return of Privacy: Electronic Bills of Rights for Nation States
     Legal Issues for the Private Sector
     Real Hacking
    Multi-media presentations, real-time scenarios or gaming, audience
    participation and highly interactive topics are more likely to be accepted.
    English is the conference language and all sessions will be unclassified.
    A one page abstract submission is required. If the abstract is selected,
    the full paper will be due in 30 days. Submissions are to be in MSWord, WP
    or Powerpoint, sent via email, including your CV and all contact information. 
    Forward to:  Bettyat_private with " IWC-London SUBMISSION" in the
    SUBJECT line.
    Submission Deadline: 		August 9, 1998
    There will be no submissions accepted after August 9, so please plan now.
    For inquiry or discussion on submissions, please contact Betty O'Hearn at
    For more information contact: Voice: 508.879.7999 Fax: 508.872.1153 
    Exhibitors & Sponsorship: Adam Lennon - Alennonat_private
    Attendance & Registration: www.misti.com
    Betty O'Hearn
    Assistant to Mr. Winn Schwartau
    813-360-6256 Voice
    813-363-7277 FAX
    Subscribe: mail majordomoat_private with "subscribe isn".
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