Re: [ISN] Infowar, More Hype Than Reality?

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 19:21:38 PDT

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    Reply From: Matthew Patton <pattonat_private>
    >it was not the so called "government regulators"
    >that would hold the "keys to that code" but a neutral trusted third party
    >such as a bank.
    Right and a bank, which is heavily regulated and relies on the feds for all
    sorts of privileges is not about to break the law in acquiessing to federal
    demands. Talk to anybody who has had the bank/client feduciary
    responsibility conveniently ignored when the IRS decided to twist the
    bank's arm a little. Bankers are timid people with too much to loose. They
    run scared when the feds decide to play a little hard ball.
    Not to mention the NSA has conveniently trojaned the international banking
    exchange system so they can read the traffic whenever they want. All in the
    name of the 'drug war' and 'national security' and all that crap.
    "There are no significant bugs in our released software that any
    significant number of users want fixed." - Bill Gates in an interview with
    Focus magazine, Oct 23, 1995.
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