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Date: Mon Jun 15 1998 - 03:11:06 PDT

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    	Network Security Lacking In US Firms - IDC                 
    	(Newsbytes; 06/11/98)                             
    FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A., 1998 JUN 11 (Newsbytes) -- By
    Dennis, Newsbytes. Research just released by International Data Corp. 
    (IDC) is billed as showing that there is a substantial lack of network
    security present on the networks of a large number of US based firms.  The
    root cause of the problem, IDC's report notes, is not one of technology,
    since routine antivirus protection, which IDC says is a popular and simple
    to use network security technology, is simply not being used nor currently
    implemented by nearly one out of three US based companies surveyed in the
    company's Technology Integration Panel Study (TIPS). 
    "Small companies were less likely than large or medium-sized companies to
    use antivirus protection," noted Carey Azzara, IDC's corporate computing's
    program manager. 
    "However, we anticipate a dramatic increase in the adoption of antivirus
    tools during the next 12 to 18 months such that complete penetration will
    occur in use of this essential line of protection across companies of all
    sizes," she went on to say. 
    According to IDC, its TIPS program now comprises of information technology
    (IT) decision makers from more than 900 North American based companies.
    Surveys are conducted quarterly with results analyzed by overall market
    trends and further compared by size of company and by 16 vertical markets. 
    The study, entitled "The Growing Demand For Network Security Technology
    report," is billed as exploring the implementation, deployment, and
    adoption growth rates for six major security measures, namely single
    sign-on measures, firewalls, antivirus tools, user authentications,
    encryption and routine auditing. 
    The key findings of the study were that: encryption is second only to user
    authentication in terms of potential growth; all network security measures
    except single sign-on technology have the highest adoption rates among
    large US companies with 1,000 or more employees; and, one out of three US
    based companies has an IT security officer. 
    According to the report, companies that have a specifically named IT
    security officer also have a significantly higher network security
    utilization rate. 
    Interestingly, the study shows that three industries-financial services,
    telecommunications, and transportation-are expected to exceed a 40 percent
    adoption rate for user authentication by the year 2000. 
    "The Growing Demand For Network Security Technology" report (IDC number
    15736) sells for $3,495. 
    IDC's Web site is at http://www.idc.com .
    Reported by Newsbytes News Network, http://www.newsbytes.com .
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