[ISN] Re: First-ever insurance against hackers

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 04:56:17 PDT

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    >>Then, ICSA tests a client's security by using typical hacker methods,
    >>through its 100 or so employees, none of whom are reformed hackers.
    >>ICSA believes, along with executives at International Business Machines
    >>Corp. who perform "ethical" hacking on its customers, that there is no
    >>such thing as a reformed hacker.
    >As for "none of whom are reformed hackers" do they mean non of their
    >hacker have reformed? :-)
    >I have heard ISS say the same thing and we all know how many
    >people on #!r00t work for ISS ....
    I take serious issue with some of the figures being quoted in these
    articles. If you were losing up to a _billion_ dollars a year, I think you
    would have done something about it now. Furthermore your shareholders would
    have gone ape-shit and demanded you do something. Losses on the scame
    quoted by the "experts" would have caused a major panic.
    IMHO this article has a high bullshit quotient, and I would dearly love to
    know :
    a) Who these so called experts are
    b) where they got their figures from
    c) Some documentary evidence to back up their claims.
    When ppl write up up this kind of article, I wish they would fully justify
    their claims instead of generating more hype. Whilst good for firewall and
    encrypting router sales, this sort of hype does the H/P  community no good
    (obviously) and makes people uneccesaily paranoid, and makes the little
    people ,who can't afford the (IMHO) astronomical sums that you have to pay
    for security products, unwilling to get hooked up. This leaves the big boys
    to do e-commerce and reap the benefits. This sort of scaremongering sucks.
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