Re: [ISN] Holiday Inn and your Privacy

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 16:46:53 PDT

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    Reply From: Brian Macke <mackeat_private>
    If that makes you worry, then don't move to Iowa. A brief tour of Iowa
    Code ( will turn up some surprising issues:
    1> Driver's Licenses are your SSN, unless you tell them otherwise (they
    don't ask you at the DMV, you have to tell them not to do it)
    2> You are required, by Iowa Law, to divulge your SSN to the County when
    registering a vehicle in the state.
    3> Said records are not secure by default. You must check a little box in
    a 6 pt. font that says "Do you want to keep your records private?".
    4> All Regent Universities use your SSN as your Student ID, and have been
    known to reject applicants that do not turn over their SSNs.
    5> Minimum-wage Warriors that grew up in them thar corn fields have
    difficulty understanding that some people DO NOT have SSNs as their DL#s,
    and will not let you write a check without divulging your SSN.
    6> Counties use your SSN as your personal identifier on _PUBLIC COURT
    DOCUMENTS_, including cases in traffic court. 
    7> The Iowa Driving records also will contain the SSN, possibly
    independent of if you've told the state that you want it kept private
    And there are numerous other instances in Iowa Code and public life that
    make living here a danger to your personal identity. So unless you've got
    a corn fetish, I don't suggest it whatsoever.
    > I just found out that Holiday Inn uses your Social Security Number as your
    > "frequent stayer" account number.  I called to enroll in the program, found
    > out that I already was enrolled (11/95)) and that my account number was my
    > SSN!  No, they can't change your number now, but plan to do so later in the
    > year for all "old" accounts that use the SSN.
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