[ISN] RSA Data Security Joins Finjan's Java Security Alliance

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       Monday June 22, 6:41 pm Eastern Time
       Company Press Release
       SOURCE: Finjan Inc.
    RSA Data Security Joins Finjan's Java Security Alliance
       JSA Continues to Build Strong Support Within Computer Industry; New
       Security Techniques Expected to Emerge
       SAN JOSE, Calif., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that demonstrates
       the growing support for Java security solutions, Finjan Inc. today
       announced that RSA Data Security, Inc. (Nasdaq: SDTI - news) has
       joined the Finjan Java Security Alliance (JSA).
       ``Finjan has shown leadership in bringing together a cross-section of
       companies to discuss the need for integrated security solutions,''
       said Scott Schnell, vice president of marketing for RSA. ``There is a
       synergy between content inspection technologies and digital
       signatures, and we look forward to extending our experience in the
       Java security market with JSAFE to working with the JSA member
       companies to bring new solutions to market.''
       ``Finjan is delighted to have RSA Data Security, one of the leaders in
       Internet security, join our Java Security Alliance,'' said Bill Lyons,
       president and CEO of Finjan Inc. ``We established JSA as a forum for
       companies to share ideas, resources and technologies, so that each
       cutting-edge solution would work in an integrated network environment.
       Finjan is committed to working with industry leaders such as RSA to
       ensure that mobile code security operates seamlessly with encryption
       and digital signatures, as well as other vital security technologies
       designed to protect the enterprise.''
       About the Finjan JSA
       Finjan's Java Security Alliance (JSA) addresses the incompatibility
       issues faced by today's enterprise to offer users seamless, efficient
       paths to the security approach of their choice. The end result is
       higher customer satisfaction through better, more standardized
       products and technologies. Through face-to-face interaction, technical
       advisory boards and open corporate forums, JSA aims to build consensus
       in a fragmented security market, to the benefit of all involved.
       Partners supporting Finjan's Java Security Alliance (JSA), in addition
       to RSA, include: ANS Communications, Inc., Aventail Corporation, AXENT
       Technologies, Inc. - Raptor Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: AXNT - news), Check
       Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:CHKPF - news; Nasdaq: CHKPF -
       news), Cisco Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO - news), Compaq - Digital
       Equipment Corporation - AltaVista (NYSE: DEC - news), Computer
       Software Manufaktur Inc. (CSM), Data Fellows, Integralis, Inc., MEMCO
       Software Ltd. (MEMCF) - AbirNet Ltd., Network Associates, Inc.
       (Nasdaq: NETA - news) - Trusted Information Systems, Inc. (TIS) and Dr
       Solomon's Software (Nasdaq: SOLLY and Easdaq: SOLL), Network-1
       Software and Technology, Milkyway Networks Corporation (TSE: MKY -
       news), Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL - news), Secure Computing
       Corporation (Nasdaq:SCUR - news; Nasdaq: SCUR - news), surfCONTROL,
       and V-One Corporation (Nasdaq: VONE - news).
       The Need for Mobile Code Security
       New mobile code Internet technologies, such as Java and ActiveX, offer
       seamless communication between different computer operating systems by
       sending mobile code across the Internet. Unless adequately protected,
       however, security threats are possible when Java and ActiveX are
       misused or maliciously manipulated. By exploiting code, hackers can
       change the entire behavior of a client machine.
       Finjan's SurfinGate, SurfinCheck and SurfinShield Xtra solutions help
       the enterprise benefit from Java and ActiveX by offering patent
       pending security technology together with granular control. SurfinGate
       also includes smart filtering for Visual Basic Script and Java Script,
       plus cookies and plug-in control for added security.
       RSA's JSAFE offers a powerful extension to the Java security model by
       providing advanced encryption capabilities. JSAFE supports deployment
       on a broad range of environments -- from distributed client
       applications to servers that run critical corporate operations.
       In addition, JSAFE's interface with RSA's BSAFE toolkit offers Java
       developers flexibility in combining the Java language with native code
       to further enhance performance.
       About RSA Data Security, Inc.
       RSA Data Security, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Security
       Dynamics Technologies, Inc., is a leading supplier of software
       components that secure electronic data, with more than 300 million of
       copies of RSA encryption and authentication technologies installed
       worldwide. RSA technologies are part of existing and proposed
       standards for the Internet and World Wide Web, ISO, ITU-T, ANSI, IEEE,
       and business, financial and electronic commerce networks around the
       globe. RSA develops and markets platform-independent security
       components and related developer kits and provides comprehensive
       cryptographic consulting services. RSA can be reached at
       About Finjan
       Finjan is the founder and leader of the mobile code Internet security
       market, offering a comprehensive line of solutions that enable safe
       deployment of Java, ActiveX, VisualBasic Script, JavaScript and
       cookies. Finjan's scalable content inspection engines protect
       enterprise computer resources against both unintentional and malicious
       Java and ActiveX elements, offering viable solutions for any size
       enterprise. A privately held company, Finjan was founded in January
       1996 and was recently selected by both Upside and Red Herring
       magazines as one of 1998's Hot 100 Private Companies. In October 1997,
       Finjan was selected by Data Communications Magazine as part of its Top
       25 Hot Start-Ups list, while Fortune Magazine distinguished Finjan as
       one of the Top 25 Coolest Companies in America in July 1997. For
       additional breaking news and background information, visit Finjan's
       Web site at http://www.finjan.com.
       NOTE: SurfinGate is a trademark of Finjan Software Ltd. ActiveX is a
       trademark of Microsoft Corporation, and Java is a trademark of
       JavaSoft/Sun Microsystems Inc. All other trademarks or registered
       trademarks are owned by their respective holders.
       SOURCE: Finjan Inc.
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