[ISN] SecCon 98 - Late Announcement

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 16:43:51 PDT

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    Forwarded From: Nicholas Charles Brawn <ncb05at_private>
      			        SECCON '98
          "Australia's First Hackers-Meet-Enterprise Security Conference"
    In July 1998, Disorder and IBC will be presenting SecCon '98 - The first 
    Australian conference that brings hackers and enterprise together to discuss 
    security issues.  
    This event provides attendees with an opportunity to learn how hackers
    break into corporate networks and what techniques and tools are needed to 
    secure them. There will also be presentations on topics including unix 
    insecurities, denial of service attacks, cryptography, and hacking laws 
    in Australia. 
    Features of this 2 day conference include:
    - Wide range of security topics with live demonstrations.
    - Presentations by Hackers, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and AusCert.
    - The SecCon "Hackers' Playpen Competition" :  a live hacker challenge.
    - The SecCon "Anti Virus Wargames" : a live vendors vs vendors challenge.
    - The SecCon "Great Debate : The ethics of hacking - is hacking ever
    Attendees will come from both private and public sector enterprises, and 
    will include:
    - CIOs
    - IT Directors
    - IT Managers
    - Security Managers
    - Internal Audit Managers
    - Network Administrators
    - Security Consultants
    - Systems Administrators
    - The Australian Federal Police
    For registration and general queries contact Tina Hoffman on +61 2 9290 1133.
    See the website at http://www.seccon.org/
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