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Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 15:19:41 PDT

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    SAC '98
    Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography
    August 17-18, 1998, Kingston, Ontario
    Invited Papers:
     Alfred Menezes(Waterloo):  "Key Agreement Protocols"
     Eli Biham(Technion): "Design and Analysis of Triple Modes of Operation"
    Accepted Papers:
         "Faster Attacks on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems"
         Mike Wiener, Robert Zuccherato
         "A Timing Attack on RC5"
         Helena Handschuh
         Howard Heys
         "Improved Algorithms for Elliptic Curve Arithmetic in GF(2^n)"
         Julio Lopez, Ricardo Dahab
         "An Accurate Evaluation of Maurer's Universal Test"
         Jean-Sebastien Coron,  David Naccache
         "Higher Order Differential Attack using Chosen Higher Order Differences"
         Shiho Moriai, Takeshi Shimoyama, Toshinobu Kaneko
         "Feistel Ciphers with L2-Decorrelation"
         Serge Vaudenay
         "Cryptanalysis of a Fast Public Key Cryptosystem Presented at SAC '97"
         Phong Nguyen, Jacques Stern
         "Cryptanalysis of SPEED"
         C. Hall, J. Kelsey, V. Rijmen, B. Schneier, D. Wagner
         "Storage-Efficient Finite Field Basis Conversion"
         Burton S. Kaliski Jr., Yiqun Lisa Yin.
         "Cryptanalysis of ORYX"
         D. Wagner, L. Simpson, E. Dawson, J. Kelsey, W. Millan, B. Schneier
         "Practical Randomness with Tamper-Resistant Devices (How to Make Random
          Oracles Realistic)"
         David M'Raihi, David Naccache, David Pointcheval, Serge Vaudenay
         "Key Preassigned Traceability Schemes for Broadcast Encryption"
         D. Stinson, R. Wei
         "A Lattice-Based Public-Key Cryptosystem"
         Jin-Yi Cai, Tom Cusick
         "The $k$th-order Nonhomomorphicity  of Boolean Functions"
         Xian-Mo Zhang, Yuliang Zheng
         "On Maximum Non-Averaged Differential Probability"
         Kazumaro AOKI
         "Key-Dependent S-Box Manipulations"
         S. Harris, C. Adams
         "A Strategy for Constructing Fast Round Functions with Practical
          Security against Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis,"
         M. Kanda, Y. Takashima, K. Aoki, K. Ohta
         "Mix-Based Electronic Payments"
         M. Jakobsson,  D. M'Raihi
         "Twofish: A 128-Bit Block Cipher"
         B. Schneier, J. Kelsey, D. Whiting, D. Wagner, C. Hall
         "Verifiable Partial Sharing of the Factors of an Integer"
         W. Mao
         "Fast DES Implementation for FPGAs and its Application to a
          Universal Key-Search Machine"
         Jens-Peter Kaps, Christof Paar
         "Cryptanalysis of RC4-like Ciphers"
         S. Mister, S.E. Tavares
         "Toward Provable Security of Substitution-Permutation Networks"
         Z.G. Chen, S.E. Tavares
         "Over the Air Service Provisioning"
         Sarvar Patel
            Stafford Tavares and Henk Meijer
            SAC '98 Co-Chairs
            SAC '98 Webpage:   http://adonis.ee.queensu.ca:8000/sac/sac98/
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