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From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 22:43:17 PDT

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    Originally From: Net Diver <distorsionit_private>
    Hi, i'm the remailer administrator of Cripto Anonymous Remailer.
    The Remailer actually don't work because the server was seizer 3 days ago.
    Below, you can read what happened
    Saturday, June 27th, 1998, at 10:30 am, the Isole nella Rete (INR) server
    <ecn.org> has been shut down and seized by the Postal Police in Bologna for
    "defamatory" material posted on its system.
    Isole nella Rete (Islands in the Net) is an Italian non-profit organization
    founded in Milan in 1996, now counting about 300 members, was offering Web
    space and Internet services to more than 100 groups (social centers, local
    radio stations, cultural associations) and other entities involved in
    political, solidarity and social activities throughout Italy and Europe.
    Without any notice, Saturday morning all of them found their server down
    and  their incoming mail irreparably lost. The Web site
    <http://www.ecn.org> is unavailable and silent -- maybe even for months and
    years to come.
    Acting under a warrant issued by the Vicenza State Prosecutor Dott. Paolo
    Pecori, yesterday several officers of the Bologna Postal Police seized and
    physically removed the INR server hosted in the office of DS Logic srl, a
    local ISP.
    According to the warrant, this is a "preventive" measure  for the crime of
    a "prolonged defamation" toward a Milan travel agency, Turban Italia Srl.
    The operation came after the publication on the INR Web site of a message
    signed by a Vicenza collective under the title "Solidarity with Kurdistan
    people - Boycott tourism in Turkey." That message was originally posted on
    the mailing list <cslistt_private>, devoted to issues related to social
    centers and their political activities,  and on January 15th re-published
    on the Web through a typical automatic procedure. The message was the
    actual transcription of a printed flyer publicly distributed  and broadcast
    in local radio programs.
    As part of a solidarity campaign with Kurds persecuted by Turkish
    government launched by several political and cultural associations in
    Italy, the document called for a boycott of tourism in Turkey and
    particularly of Turban Italia services.  Among other things, the flyer
    claimed that the travel agency had strong financial ties to former Turkish
    Prime Minister Tansu Ciller, "organizer of death squad operations against
    Kurdistan people and other political opponents."
    After the message appeared on the Web last January, Turban Italia lawyers
    alerted local authorities, but also got involved with INR attorneys to find
     a "peaceful" solution to the issue -- a possible outcome being to mantain
    the "defamatory" message online along with a strong reply by the same
    Turban Italia. It is not clear who or what prompted the Vicenza Prosecutor
    to enforce such a sudden and indiscriminate action on Saturday morning.
    Although the seizure warrant does not charge any specific person (yet), it
    is clear that the Prosecutor holds INR liable for the material hosted on
    its Internet server.  Under these circumstances, provider's liability is an
    higly debated topic worldwide, still far from a viable solution. However,
    as even the US Supreme Court confirmed last week in a case involving
    America Online, the general approach is that ISsP should not be held liable
    for the material carried on their systems.
    In this case, the operation is exceptionally harmful and serious, hitting
    a service mostly used by hundreds of people and associations politically
    and socially oriented, in Italy and abroad. They were (and many of them
    still are) completely unaware of the events that conducted to the charge
    and the shutting down of the server. Their right to freely communicate and
    express themselves have been violated without any notice or explanation.
    Not to mention those using the INR mail service for their daily work and
    business activities.
    In the recent years, the INR-ecn.org activities had greatly helped the
    building of a strong solidarity and socially-oriented network, such as Lila
    (AIDS fighting association), Italy-Cuba Association, Telefono Viola
    (psychiatric abuse hot-line), ADL (workers union), Spain's CNT. The ecn.org
    server was also hosting cultural organizations: web-zines (.Zip , Necron,
    London's Freedom Press), local bands (99 Posse, Sunscape, Electra) , radio
    stations (Radio Black Out, Radio Sherwood, Radio Onda d'Urto). Very active
    were several mailing lists, including one in support and solidarity with
    Chiapas people and "cyber-rights", the only Italian list devoted to public
    discussion about privacy, encryption, free speech online.
    The <cyber-rightst_private> list and its subscribers were essential to the
    success of HackIt98, the first ever public meeting organized by and devoted
    to the Italian hacker community, held in Florence during the first week-end
    of June and attended by about one thousand people.
    At the moment the INR-ecn.org members are closely  monitoring the situation
    in order to find the best solutions to what seems to be an extremely
    serious event whose conseqences will be in any case far and wide. The
    organization is now working to get the news to all of its members and
    users, as well as to media agencies worldwide and to the online community
    at large.  Also, a backup server should be up and running as soon as
    possible, while others initiatives are under way.
    For more info and updated news:
    mailing list (in Italian) <hackmeetingt_private>
    [send mail to <majordomot_private> including 'subscribe hackmeeting' in
    the body message]
    Net Diver
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    Cripto Remailer
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