Re: [ISN] ICSA employes an undercover hacker spy.

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Sun Jul 05 1998 - 22:06:35 PDT

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    Reply From: "A.j. Effin ReznoR" <sporkt_private>
    > >Forgive my shady memory, but wasn't there an article on this list less
    > >than a month ago stating that ICSA didn't hire "black hats", or as the
    > >article put it "reformed hackers"?
    > We do not.  We will not.
    So it is not safe to take someone who has been on the dark side, and use
    So it is safe to take someone, whose moral resolve has never been tested,
    and is therefore an unknown value, and let him roam in the dark reaches of
    the hacker community.  OK.  So, I therefore also assume that said hackers
    trolling the darkness have undergone suffcient psychological profiling
    prior to hiring, so that there is a guarnatee that you may release them to
    the rough waters of the Underground, knowing they will never be tainted or
    led astray.  Is this correct?  
    Someone that has gone astray and repented may be a 'liability' but to say
    that one has never reformed is garbage.  What is a 'black hat hacker'?
    Someone that has trashed many systems for cheap thrills, or one that has
    entered sites (mind you, still illegal) but has looked, understood, and
    left, causing no harm or foul?  The answer, is both are.  Not all 'black
    hats' are criminals.  Given this realistic reasoning, is there any reform
    to be fone to the non-criminal 'black hat' other than he no longer
    entering systems not authorized to test?   Beleive what you will, however.
    Given that many of the Underground are skilled, and honest, undamaging
    types, there is no repenting to be done, and the goverment and private
    sector has benefited greatly from finally owning up to this fact.  Oh,
    don't refer to him as J3, please.  The Underground already has a J3. :)
    I am still curious as to the intestinal fortutide of someone that
    associates with hackers online.  He potentially could, through association
    and his studies for college, easily be drawn into the glamor of the
    darkside.  Again, an untested induhvidual.
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