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    Forwarded From: "Jay D. Dyson" <jdysont_private>
    Courtesy of Bugtraq.
    From: Avi Rubin <rubint_private>
    Cipher is the electronic newsletter of the IEEE Technical Committee on
    Security & Privacy. We put out a newsletter by e-mail every couple of
    months. There is also a companion web site at:
    Below is the table of contents of our latest issue. You can find subscription
    information on the web site, or just visit back from time to time.
           _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/  _/_/_/_/   _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/
          _/          _/    _/     _/  _/    _/  _/        _/     _/
         _/          _/    _/_/_/_/   _/_/_/_/  _/_/      _/_/_/_/
        _/          _/    _/         _/    _/  _/        _/   _/
       _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/  _/         _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  _/     _/
    Newsletter of the IEEE Computer Society's TC on Security and Privacy
    Electronic Issue 28                                    July 13, 1998
    Avi Rubin and Paul Syverson, Editors
                                           Bob Bruen, Book Review Editor
                                            Hilarie Orman, Assoc. Editor
                                         Mary Ellen Zurko, Assoc. Editor
                                          Anish Mathuria, Reader's Guide
    Contents:                                         [3037 lines total]
     o  Letter from the TC Chair
     o  Letter from the Editor
    Security and Privacy News Briefs:
     o LISTWATCH: Items from security-related lists, by Mary Ellen Zurko
     o Microsoft Plans for FIPS 140-1 Compliance
     o Common Criteria Full-use Version 2.0 Completed
     o Purdue CERIAS Opens
     o US Government Announces Comprehensive Privacy Plan
     o Controversial Intellectual Property Law Headed Towards Enactment
     o SKIPJACK and KEA declassified, Biham et al. Announce Cryptanalysis
     o AES Submissions All In
     o DataFellows Reports On Word Macro Virus
     o Industry coalition pushes for new Encryption policy
    Commentary and Opinion: Book Reviews by Bob Bruen
     o Virtual Private Network.
       by Charles Scott, Paul Wolfe & Mike Erwin. Reviewed by Robert Bruen
     o Java Security.
       by Gary McGraw and Edward Felten. Reviewed by Robert Bruen
     o Java Security.
       by Scott Oaks. Reviewed by Robert Bruen
     o Java Cryptography.
       by Jonathan Knudsen. Reviewed by Robert Bruen
     o Protecting Networks with Satan.
       by Martin Freiss. Translated by Robert Bach. Reviewed by Robert Bruen
    Conference Reports:
     o IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland '98) by Mary Ellen Zurko
     o IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop (CSFW11) by Levente Buttyan
     o LICS98 Workshop on Formal Methods and Security Protocols by Scott Stoller
    Conference announcements:
     o ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security
     o ASIACRYPT'98
    New reports available via FTP and WWW: several
    New Interesting Links on the Web
    Who's Where: recent address changes
    Calls for Papers: NDSS, DCCA, ASSET, FC, PKC, S&P (Oakland), JCS, DPS
    Reader's guide to recent security and privacy literature
     o Conference Papers
     o Journal and Newsletter articles
    List of Computer Security Academic Positions, maintained by Cynthia Irvine
    Publications for Sale -- S&P and CSFW proceedings available
    TC officers
    Information for Subscribers and Contributors
    Aviel D. Rubin                                 rubint_private
    Secure Systems Research Dept.                Adjunct Professor at NYU
    AT&T Labs - Research
    180 Park Avenue                   http://www.research.att.com/~rubin/
    Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971                    Voice: +1 973 360-8356
    USA                                            FAX:   +1 973 360-8809
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           book on web security (The Web Security Sourcebook).
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