[ISN] Report: Computer hackers pose new problem in China

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Sun Jul 19 1998 - 17:55:42 PDT

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    Report: Computer hackers pose new problem in China
    BEIJING (AP) -- China is running into problems with hackers, computer
    criminals who are using the country's growing passion for the Internet to
    steal and cause mischief, an official newspaper said Sunday. 
    In one case, a hacker posted a pornographic picture on an Internet page
    about the southern Chinese province of Guizhou. A younger hacker from the
    financial center of Shanghai also illegally broke into a stock trading
    center's computer system and stole information, the Economic Daily said. 
    Hackers have also set up their own free Internet accounts or stolen
    regular users' passwords and used their accounts. 
    "The damage wreaked by hackers does not stop at economic losses. There are
    also inestimable political and social effects," the newspaper said. 
    While encouraging the growth of the Internet as a high-tech tool that can
    contribute to China's economic development, the government also is anxious
    to ensure that the Internet is not used to subvert Communist Party rule. 
    Internet growth, however, has been rapid. The Economic Daily said China
    now has more than 1 million Internet users. 
    The newspaper urged Internet managers and users to "clearly recognize that
    hackers are a group of outlaws" and to quickly report cases of hacking and
    to protect any evidence. 
    It also urged people to choose computer passwords that are hard to break,
    thus closing doors to hackers. 
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