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Date: Mon Jul 20 1998 - 17:13:54 PDT

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    HP Updates Access Server
    Information Week Daily 7/15/1998
    Hewlett-Packard next week plans to ship a new version of its Praesidium
    Authorization Server, which is designed to help companies control user
    access to information served up over intranets and extranets. 
    "In the past, companies were interested in firewalls and were thinking
    about securing the perimeters of their corporate networks," says Cyndi
    Nickel, business planning manager for Internet security at HP. "Now, after
    having to punch holes in the firewalls so they can share information with
    their business partners, companies are discovering that they need to have
    fine-grain control over who can access what." 
    The previous version of Praesidium Authorization Server let organizations
    establish a security framework via application programming interfaces to
    govern user access to a variety of applications and systems. The new
    version lets companies establish business rules that govern who can access
    Web applications, Web-enabled legacy applications, and Web forms. For
    example, a financial company can prevent junior traders from conducting
    trades in mutual funds worth more than $100,000. Praesidium Authorization
    Server can intercept the trade transaction, determine who sent it, and
    review the content, then match the information against pre-set business
    rules. If a disparity is found, the trade can be stopped, Nickel explains. 
    The server includes an embedded relational database that holds the user
    information and business rules; a future version will also support the
    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol so it can leverage LDAP-based
    directories. The server supports various public key-certificate authority
    software from companies such as Entrust and VeriSign, as well as other
    authentication mechanisms such as hardware tokens. Pricing is not yet set.
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