[ISN] ACM CCCS'98: Preliminary Program and Call for Participation

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Date: Mon Jul 20 1998 - 18:50:23 PDT

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    Forwarded From: "Jay D. Dyson" <jdysont_private>
    Originally From: Gene Tsudik <tsudikt_private>
    			     Preliminary Program
                              Fifth ACM Conference on
                        Computer and Communications Security
                              San Francisco, California
                                 November 2-5, 1998
                               Sponsored by ACM SIGSAC
    	For more information visit http://www.research.att.com/~reiter/ccs5
            Launched in 1993, ACM CCCS is the ACM's flagship security conference. 
            CCCS covers a wide range of topics in computer/information security
            and offers a technical as well as a tutorial program. Presentation
    	topics are diverse, addressing state-of-the-art results of both 
    	practical and theoretical nature (and everything in between).
    ================================= DAY 0 =================================== 
     Monday, November 2, 1998: Tutorials
                        Core Topics                  Emerging Topics
      9:00-12:30 Cryptography: Theory and   Programming Languages and Security
                 Applications               Martin Abadi (DEC Systems Research
                 Dan Boneh (Stanford        Center, USA) and George Necula
                 University, USA)           (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
     12:30-13:30 Lunch
     13:30-17:00 To Be Determined           Authentication Protocol Verification
                                            and Analysis Jon Millen 
    					(SRI International, USA)
    ================================= DAY 1 =================================== 
     Tuesday, November 3, 1998: Technical sessions
     9:00-10:00 Keynote address
                Risks and challenges in computer-communication infrastructures
                Peter G. Neumann (SRI International, USA)
     10:00-10:30			Break
     10:30-12:00		Group key management
                Communication complexity of group key distribution
                Klaus Becker (R^3 Security Engineering, Switzerland) and Uta
                Wille (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland)
                Key management for encrypted broadcast
                Avishai Wool (Bell Labs, USA)
                Authenticated group key agreement and related protocols
                Giuseppe Ateniese (USC Information Sciences Institute, USA),
                Michael Steiner (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland),
                and Gene Tsudik (USC Information Sciences Institute, USA)
     12:00-13:30			Lunch
     13:30-15:30			Anonymity
                The design, implementation and operation of an email pseudonym server
                David Mazie`res and M. Frans Kaashoek (Massachusetts Institute
                of Technology, USA)
                Panel: Anonymity on the Internet
                Moderator: Paul Syverson (Naval Research Lab, USA)
     15:30-16:00			Break
     16:00-17:00		Mobile code security
    	    History-based access-control for mobile code
                Guy Edjlali, Anurag Acharya, and Vipin Chaudhary (University of
                California, Santa Barbara, USA)
                A specification of Java loading and bytecode verification
                Allen Goldberg (Kestrel Institute, USA)
    ================================= DAY 2 =================================== 
     Wednesday, November 4, 1998: Technical sessions
     9:00-10:30 		 	Cryptography
                A new public key cryptosystem based on higher residues
                David Naccache (Gemplus, France) and Jacques Stern (Ecole
                Normale Superieure, France)
                An efficient non-interactive statistical zero-knowledge proof
                system for quasi-safe prime products
                Rosario Gennaro (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA), Daniele
                Micciancio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), and
                Tal Rabin (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
                Communication-efficient anonymous group identification
                Alfredo De Santis (Universita' di Salerno, Italy) and Giovanni
                Di Crescenzo (University of California, San Diego, USA)
     10:30-11:00			Break
     11:00-12:00			Invited talk
                The development of public key cryptography
                Martin Hellman
     12:00-13:30			Lunch
     13:30-15:00			Systems
                A security architecture for computational grids
                Ian Foster (Argonne National Laboratory, USA), Carl Kesselman,
                Gene Tsudik (USC Information Sciences Institute, USA), and
                Steven Tuecke (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
                Design of a high-performance ATM firewall
                Jun Xu and Mukesh Singhal (Ohio State University, USA)
                A practical secure physical random bit generator
                Markus Jakobsson, Elisabeth Shriver, Bruce Hillyer (Bell Labs,
                USA) and Ari Juels (RSA Labs, USA)
     15:00-15:30			Break
     15:30-16:30			Invited talk
                Trust in cyberspace? A research roadmap
                Fred Schneider (Cornell University, USA)
    ================================= DAY 3 =================================== 
     Thursday, November 5, 1998: Technical sessions
     9:00-10:30 		Protocol design and analysis
                A probabilistic poly-time framework for protocol analysis
                Pat Lincoln (SRI International, USA), John Mitchell, Mark
                Mitchell (Stanford University, USA), and Andre Scedrov
                (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
                On using public-key cryptography in password protocols
                Shai Halevi (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA) and Hugo
                Krawczyk (Technion, Israel)
                Cryptanalysis of Microsoft's point-to-point tunneling protocol
                Bruce Schneier (Counterpane Systems, USA)
     10:30-11:00			Break
     11:00-12:00			System monitoring
                How to prove where you are
                Eran Gabber and Avishai Wool (Bell Labs, USA)
                Temporal sequence learning and data reduction for anomaly detection
                Terran Lane and Carla E. Brodley (Purdue University, USA)
    ================== Worst paper award and author lampooning =================== 
     Steering committee chair: Ravi Sandhu, George Mason University
     General chair:            Li Gong, JavaSoft
     Program chair:            Mike Reiter
                               AT&T Labs, Room A269, 180 Park Avenue
                               Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971 USA
                               phone: +973-360-8349
     Awards chair:             Jacques Stern, ENS/DMI
     Publication chair:        Stuart Stubblebine, AT&T Labs
     Publicity chair:          Gene Tsudik, USC ISI
     Program committee:
     Martin Abadi, DEC SRC              David Naccache, Gemplus
     Bill Cheswick, Lucent/Bell Labs    Hilarie Orman, DARPA/ITO
     Carl Ellison, Cybercash            Avi Rubin, AT&T Labs--Research
     Ed Felten, Princeton University    Pierangela Samarati, Universita di Milano
     Paul Karger, IBM T.J. Watson       Gene Tsudik, USC ISI
     Steve Kent, BBN Corporation        Paul Van Oorschot, Entrust Technologies
     Ueli Maurer, ETH Zurich            Bennet Yee, UCSD
     Cathy Meadows, Naval Res. Lab      Moti Yung, CertCo
    For more information, visit http://www.research.att.com/~reiter/ccs5
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