Re: [ISN] Windows 98 disables Microsoft competitors' software

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Jul 20 1998 - 20:43:19 PDT

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    Reply From: John Q Public <tpublict_private>
    |Windows 98 disables Microsoft competitors' software
    Being an avid MS basher, I would like to believe this but my initial
    reaction was 'yeah right' until I actually opened up this tool that
    the author described so well...
    |The Version Conflict Manager lets the user select a file and trade the
    |older version for the newer version. But a Win98 user typically has no
    |knowledge of what applications use which shared files or which version of
    |each file would be "better." Moreover, the utility is unlikely to be found
    |routinely by users, because it is buried deep within Win98's menu
    |structure: Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System
    |Information, Tools, Version Conflict Manager -- and then you will find it. 
    After installing Win98, I intentionally went out and gathered new drivers
    as soon as I noticed some of them were older that my original drivers from
    the manufacturer.
    I do not recall the version numbers, but I do know that my Sound Blaster
    drivers (SB16 P&P) on a two year old CD were newer than 98's versions.  In
    addition to the older network SCSI card drivers (for an AdvanSys PCI) I
    noticed Win98 finially recognized my ether card on install, but sadly it
    installed a Microsoft Driver from 1996, much older than the driver on a
    floppy disk from the manufacturer dated 1997 (Linksys LNEPCI II).
    I'll bet if I bought the Microsoft 10baseT card, and the Microsoft Video
    card, and the Microsoft Sound System, and the hardware for the now-supported
    WebTV hardware, I might get the most recent drivers...
    |Competitors' applications may no longer work, but users would have
    |received no notice of the change. 
    Since they don't talk to us doesn't mean we can't holler at them...
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