RE: [ISN] WIPO-H2281: Crypto Clause

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Jul 22 1998 - 08:51:53 PDT

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    Reply From: Trevor Gryffyn <tgryffynt_private>
    Found the answer to my question.  The clause regarding breaking crypto
    systems as part of research has been delayed for 2 years while they weigh
    alternatives.  After 2 years they have the option of delaying it further.
    Reply From: Paul Hart <Paul.Hartt_private>
    According to PC Week....:
    It appears as though ethical hackers have received a temporary reprieve from 
    the House Commerce Committee. 
    The committee on Friday approved legislation that will update U.S. copyright 
    law and add provisions to make it applicable to the Internet. The bill is the 
    first step for the United States to come into compliance with a World Trade 
    Organization treaty on protecting intellectual property on the Internet, 
    officials said. 
    But some cryptographers worried that the WTO treaty would have made 
    circumventing security measures on products illegal, even if that hack was 
    attempted to prove the software's vulnerability--so-called ethical hacking. 
    Indeed, it would have virtually criminalized their profession. 
    But an 11th-hour compromise amendment, added by Rep. Scott Klug, R-Wis., 
    delays the circumvention rule for two years while the U.S. Secretary of 
    Commerce considers alternatives. After two years, the anticircumvention rule 
    goes into effect, although the Commerce Secretary will have the option to 
    delay it again for two years. 
    In addition, the Commerce Committee approved an amendment that will allow 
    cryptographers to crack antipiracy safeguards as part of their research and 
    another amendment that allows users to disable personal information gathering 
    technologies such as "cookies." 
    Before this bill goes to the full House vote, however, it must be reconciled 
    with another bill that was recently passed by the House Commerce Committee. 
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