[ISN] NSA Losing Crypto Experts

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 14:33:29 PDT

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    >From Government Executive, August, 1998:
    The National Security Agency is losing ground in the fight to keep
    hard-to-find cryptography experts from being lured to greener pastures. 
    By Richard Lardner
    Price Waterhouse didn't become a force in the consulting world by ignoring
    market trends. So it was no surprise when the firm decided to expand its
    information security operation. After all, the Internet has completely
    changed the way business is done: Paper is out, electrons are in.  But
    just as electronic commerce is skyrocketing, so too are the odds that
    sensitive corporate information might be tampered with as it travels
    through cyberspace. 
    With the private sector beginning to recognize that the digital door
    swings both ways, there's growing demand for the "risk management"
    services Price Waterhouse and other companies are offering to help keep
    the hackers at bay. To snare these potential clients, the company needed
    to hire hundreds of information technology professionals. Trouble is,
    information protection may be a huge growth area, but the talent pool is
    mighty shallow.
    So officials at Price Waterhouse did what many other commercial
    enterprises have done, and continue to do. They targeted a group of
    employees at the Defense Department's secretive National Security Agency,
    where thousands of the federal government's best and brightest spend their
    days eavesdropping on other countries while at the same time ensuring that
    U.S. information networks are secure. Because of the highly sensitive
    missions the agency performs, companies like Price Waterhouse know they
    are getting employees who are extremely good at what they do and are solid
    citizens too -- NSA is picky about whom it hires and conducts thorough
    background investigations.
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