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Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 12:10:50 PDT

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    Forwarded From: Area de Seguridad en Computo <ascat_private>
                        Computer Security Area (ASC) / DGSCA
                                      DISC    98
                               "Individual Responsibility"
                          Mexico, D.F.     November 2-6, 1998
                            C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S
    The goal of DISC 98 event is to create conscience in the community that
    uses computers about security strategies and mechanisms used to protect
    information.  This year the DISC takes place alongside the most important
    computing event of Mexico. 
    The computing general congress (http://www.org.org.mx/cuarenta) celebrates
    forty years of computing in Mexico and convokes specialists in computer
    security to participate. 
    "Individual Responsibility" is the slogan of this year and it suggests
    that the security of an organization should be totally supported by
    directive, security personnel, managers, and system users. 
    The community is convoked to participate in the DISC 98 event through the
    presentation of theoretical, technical, and applied works and those who
    presents practical experience in the following topics:
                    o Applied Cryptography
                    o Cryptographic Protocols
                    o Intrusion Detection
                    o Electronic Commerce 
                    o Privacy
                    o Protection of software and Intellectual Property
                    o Security Architecture and Models
                    o Security Protocols
                    o Incident Handling and the Internet
                    o Security on Large Networks other than the Internet
                    o New Tools for Incident Handling
                    o Preventing Incidents
                    o Intrusion/Vulnerability Detection Tools
                    o System/Network Monitoring Tools
    Who should attend ?
            * System administrators who are interested in computer
            * People working into the field of Computer
    Security, and handling Computer Security Incidents.
            * Anybody who is interested in Computer Security and
    wants to meet other people interested. Consequently, it will help him or her to
    improve security programs, security plans, and security tools by sharing
    and getting a wide experience and knowledge.
            * Those persons who want to establish incident response teams.
            * Anybody who has a particular interest in network security, 
    monitoring tools, intrusion detection and firewalls.
    Important Dates:
    Paper submissions:       August    30 
    Acceptance notification: September 20
    Final papers due:        October    4
    Event Dates:             November 2-6
    Workshop Format:
    There will be parallel tracks of tutorial-style presentations during
    November 2,3 and 6. November 4 and 5 will consist of conference papers
    and workshop-style presentations, as well as business sessions.
    Two evenings are allocated for participants to hold events devoted to
    subjects of particular interest ("birds of a feather" sessions).
    Contributions should follow the following guidelines:
    1. Tutorials:      Half or full day tutorial proposals will be considered.
    2. Papers:         Written papers may be as long as desired, but
                       presentations must be limited to 30 minutes.
    3. Workshop:       These informal sessions should either follow a more
                       "hands-on" approach or provide for a high degree of
                       audience participation. They should be tailored to
                       address specific issues and should be from 60 to 90 minutes
                       in duration. Panel Sessions on a particular topic are
    Instruction for authors:
    Under the following guidelines we will receive proposals for presentations,
    workshops and tutorials:
            * The documents should be delivered by the indicated date.
            * The contents of the documents should be high-quality and original. It
    should also include a summary that describes the content and style of the
            * The papers will be evaluated using the the proposal, which has to 
                    - title
                    - format (workshop, tutorials or conference)
                    - summary (less than two pages)
                    - requirements for the presentation (computing equipment, 
    data-show, slide projector, etc.)
                    - author information
                            - name
                            - address
                            - brief resume
                            - fax and telephone number
                            - e-mail address
            * For tutorials, the following information should also be included:
                    - goal
                    - introduction and summary
                    - outline of the presentation
                    - duration (half or full day)
                    - presentation material (slides)
    Accepted formats
            Authors whose papers are accepted must submit the complete paper
    to be include into the DISC 98 proceedings.  
    Submissions will be accepted in the following formats:
                    - TeX/LaTeX
                    - PostScript
                    - Word for Windows
                    - ASCII 
                    - Please contact the committee (disc98at_private) if you 
    need to use a different format.
            Note: The specifications of the papers such as: margins, font
    size, and line spacing, will be specified in the DISC 98 WWW page at:
    Program Committee
    President:   Dr. Enrique Daltabuit Godas, 
                 ENEP Arag'on, UNAM.
                 Ing. Diego Mart'in Zamboni, 
                 COAST, Universidad de Purdue.
                 Dr. Luis Trejo, 
                 ITESM, Campus Estado de M'exico.
    	     Dr. Barbaro Jorge Ferro Castro 
    Presentations can be delivered using the following means:
            o E-mail (disc98at_private)
            o Post mail to the following address:
                    Area de Seguridad en C'omputo
                    Direcci'on General de C'omputo Acad'emico
                    Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria
                    04510 Mexico, D.F.
    Further Information
    E-mail :        disc98at_private
    WWW    :        http://www.asc.unam.mx/disc98
    Address :
                    Area de Seguridad en C'omputo
                    Direcci'on General de C'omputo Acad'emico
                    Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria
                    ZIP 04510
                    Mexico, D.F.
    Telephone Number : (52-5) 622 81 69 and  (52-5) 685 22 29
    Facsimile        : (52 5) 6 22 80 43
                       Subject: DISC 98 
    Juan Carlos Guel Lopez
    Area de Seguridad en C'omputo   E-mail: ascat_private
    DGSCA, UNAM                     Tel. (5) 622-81-69  Fax (5) 622-80-43
    Circuito Exterior, C. U.        WWW: http://www.super.unam.mx/asc/
    04510 Mexico D. F.              PGP: finger ascat_private
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