Re: [ISN] Teen hackers plead guilty to Pentagon attacks

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 12:37:52 PDT

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    Reply From: Josh Rouleau <jrouleauat_private>
    > SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -- Two California teen-agers who mounted one of
    > the most organized and systematic hacker attacks ever on U.S. military
    > "The government takes very seriously any attacks on the computer systems
    > which have become so much a part of the American infrastructure," 
    > Yamaguchi said in a statement.
    > "We all rely heavily on these computers operating properly on a day-to-day
    > basis, and any intrusion can lead to major disruption in important public
    > and private services."
    My question to our government is then: "If we take defenses of our 
    National Computer Infrastructure so seriously then 
    1. Why is it that these teens could do as much as they say they did?
    2. Why then is it that this kind of attack could occur using a simple 
       network monitoring tools "Packet Sniffer""?
    3. Why did it take them so long to finally respond?
    4. If the National Computer Infrastructure is so important then why 
       is it my Personal PC or My Company Network seems to be not as 
       important (ie. Encryption for the people is bad, security thwarts the 
       police, etc....)?
    Can Anyone answer me these questions?
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