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                    INFOSECURITY SCOTLAND: Europe's largest I.T. ...
    OTC  06-08-1998 03:22 
     AUG 5, 1998, M2 Communications - Reed Exhibition Companies Ltd announce
    today the launch of 'Infosecurity Scotland '98', which is Et dedicated
    information security event designed specifically for Scotland, to be held
    at Edinburgh's Royal Highland Centre on October 28th & 29th 1998. 
       'Infosecurity Scotland '98' is the sister show to Europe's largest I.T. 
    security event called Infosecurity which is held annually in London and
    attracts the world's leading I.T. security companies.
       'Infosecurity Scotland '98' encompasses every aspect of I.T. security
    within a business environment and gives visitors a chance to compare the
    latest products all in one place, improve their knowledge, catch up with
    recent developments and network with their peers. The range of products
    visitors will see include: hacker-proof modems, leading edge encryption
    technology, chip detection products, enterprise-wide network solutions,
    anti- virus tool kits, anti-theft devices, help desks, business continuity
    solutions, e-mail protectors as well as Internet and intranet security
       Tim Porter Event Manager for Infosecurity Scotland '98' said, "There is
    such a strong concentration of finance, banking and government
    organisations in Scotland, with over 47,000 people working in the
    financial sector in Edinburgh alone -- the Scottish market obviously
    demands its own information security event. Research has shown that
    Scotland leads the way in the use of many I.T. technologies, for example
    21% of Scottish companies use intranets compared to 14% in the rest of the
    UK and 61% of businesses use e-mail to communicate with business partners
    and suppliers, therefore Scotland is the obvious choice for Infosecurity's
    first regional show."
       'Infosecurity Scotland '98' features a large exhibition covering the
    whole range of LT security products and services, with 12 on-floor
    seminars, and two keynote sessions. Everyone concerned with I.T.  security
    issues will benefit from the extensive line-up of FREE seminars available
    during the 2 day event. They will cover a range of topics such as
    "Cyberliability" by Integralis Network Systems, "Security of NT 5.0" by
    Braintree and "Network Security" by Axent Technologies. The event is aimed
    at non-technical managers and board directors as well as senior I.T. 
    decision Makers and technical influencers who have an interest in
    purchasing and safeguarding I.T.  systems. 
       Carl Glen -- Sales & Marketing Manager for Archsoft an I.T. security
    company based in Newcastle says "We already do a lot of business in
    Scotland and have found that many key I.T. professionals have said they
    will definitely make time to attend a show of this calibre if it is based
    in Scotland."
       Over 50 companies will exhibit at 'Infosecurity Scotland '98' and
    include well known leaders in I.T. security including Axent Technologies,
    CESG, Checkpoint Software, Cyberguard, GEC Marconi, Logica, nCipher and
    Portcullis. Representatives from UK ITSEC -- the IT Security Evaluation
    and Certification Scheme will also be on hand to offer advice on certified
    computer security products which guarantee specific levels of protection. 
       Tim Moore -- Deputy head of UK ITSEC said, "Information security is one
    of the key issues of the 1990's, we have supported Infosecurity from the
    beginning and feel that it is the right time to bring this event to the
    attention of the Scottish business community."
       'Infosecurity Scotland '98' will take place at Edinburgh's Royal
    Highland Centre on October 28th and 29th 1998 -- Tickets are free and can
    be booked in advance. To register for a ticket or for more information
    visit the website at http://www.infosec.co.uk/scotland or call +44 (0)181
    910 7790. 
              NOTE TO EDITORS
       1. The Keynote Sessions are sure to attract a lot of public interest as
    they are highly contentious. They will kick off on Wednesday October 28th
    at 11am with the BSI on how BS7799, the new standard in information
    security, could affect and benefit you. On Thursday 29th October at 11am
    John Doody from CESG will reveal the implications of the Government Secure
    Intranet on government agencies in Scotland and the new Scottish Assembly. 
       2. A number of fact sheets have been compiled in advance of
    'Infosecurity Scotland '98', they are available on a first-come
    first-served basis. If you would like to know more about the fact sheets
    or would like to interview any of the seminar speakers please call: Neil
    Stinchcombe on +44 (0)181 449 8292 or e-mail neileskenzi.demon.co.uk
       3. Infosecurity '99 takes place at Olympia, London on 27th -- 29th
    April 1999.
       4. For event information access the Internet on
    http://www.infosec.co.uk/scotland or for tickets and further details phone
    0181 910 7790.
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