Re: [ISN] Book Review: The Happy Hacker

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Aug 17 1998 - 06:35:58 PDT

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    Reply From: Brad Willey <bfwilleyat_private>
    >My first impression of the book was a make money fast scheme gone wrong.
    >Cashing in on the buzzword of the 90's, Ms. Meinel runs the word 'hacker'
    >into the ground by the end of chapter 1. 
    >Page 67: "I make my living asking dumb questions." Quoted material is
    >straight from the author's mouth, and seems to be dead on with the
    >technical level of the book.
    During and after the 60's a lot of people in the know about explosives 
    believed that the book the anarchist's cookbook had been written or 
    edited or influenced by the FBI or some other government organization 
    with an eye to having the booby bomber blow him self up. You have to ask 
    your self if the above referenced book is poorly written for a reason ( 
    to allow easier detection of a happy hacker ) or is it just your 
    standard money making crap, that will if packaged (right) *-) write -- 
    will form the basis for new legal standards world wide.   Garbage in 
    garbage out.......
    Brad D Willey
    [Moderator: That idea has come up on another list. Why? Because Carolyn
     Meinel submitted a proposal to train the FBI on how to track and find
     hackers. Interesting that she would try to train hackers, NOT teach any
     methods for covering their tracks, then train the FBI to track said
     hackers. It was argued that since she could only train to the "happy
     hacker" level of knowledge, that she could only train the FBI to catch
     the same level of hackers. In doing so, she was playing both sides of
     the field in order to make money off both sides. Her outline for teaching
     the FBI (posted by an ex-business partner) was more than amusing. One
     entire day of the 2/3 day class focused on reading headers of mail to
     track down spammers and mail forgers. While a great skill to have, I
     don't think the FBI are too concerned with spammers, and rarely called
     in to deal with them.]
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