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    Forwarded From: Robert Hettinga <rahat_private>
    Originally From: Ray Hirschfeld <R.Hirschfeldat_private>
    Financial Cryptography '99
    February 22-25, 1999, Anguilla, BWI
    Preliminary Announcement
    FC99, the third international conference on financial data security
    and digital commerce, will be held in Anguilla, British West Indies.
    FC99 aims to bring together persons involved in both the financial and
    data security fields to foster cooperation and exchange of ideas.  It
    is organized by the International Financial Cryptography Association
    The conference program features regular sessions for refereed papers,
    invited talks, panel discussions, and a rump session, covering all
    aspects of financial cryptography.  Proceedings of the conference will
    be published by Springer-Verlag in their Lecture Notes in Computer
    Science (LNCS) series.
    Prof. Adi Shamir  (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel)
    The conference will be held at Chandeliers, the conference facility of
    the InterIsland Hotel, which is centrally located on the island of
    For early planning purposes, those wishing to participate in the
    conference are requested to register as soon as possible.
    Registration can be done via the web at URL http://fc99.ai/.  The fee
    for the conference, which covers all conference materials and events
    (including preproceedings, final proceedings, attendance at scientific
    sessions, and breakfast and lunch each day of the conference), is:
    $850 regular registration
    $350 academic registration
    $150 student registration
    An additional $50 fee applies to registrations for which payment is
    received after January 1, 1999.
    A $100 discount ($50 for academic and student registrations) is
    available to participants who pay their registration fee by electronic
    money (e.g., DigiCash ecash, NetCash, CyberCash, etc.).  See the web
    page for details.
    Payment may be made by credit card, bank transfer, electronic money,
    or cash.
    A limited number of stipends to help defray the costs of attendance
    may be available to full-time students with a paper accepted for
    presentation at the conference.  If you would like to apply for a
    stipend, please contact the General Chair at the email address listed
    A workshop, intended for anyone with commercial software development
    experience who wants hands-on familiarity with the issues and
    technology of financial cryptography, is planned in conjunction with
    FC99.  For details, contact Ian Goldberg (iangat_private).
    The conference hotel is not recommended except to those seeking budget
    accomodations.  The recommended hotel is Mariners, where a block
    reservation has been made.  To reserve a room, please call the hotel
    at +1 (809) 497-2671 and mention that you will be attending FC99.
    Information about other hotels is available at URL http://fc99.ai.
    A welcome reception will be held on Monday, February 22, 1999, the
    evening of the first day of the conference.
    Visas are not required for citizens of most American and European
    countries.  If you are uncertain about whether you need a visa,
    contact the local British consulate for information.
    Getting to Anguilla
    >From North America, Anguilla is usually reached via San Juan (Puerto
    Rico).  From Europe, the best connections are via
    St. Maarten/St. Martin (from Amsterdam or Paris), or Antigua (from
    London).  St. Martin is very close to Anguilla and is connected by
    ferry as well as by plane.
    Local Transportation
    The simplest way to get around Anguilla is to rent a car.  You will
    need to buy an Anguilla drivers license, but this is a formality.
    Taxis are also available.  Another possibility is to hitch rides from
    local residents, who are eager to provide them and will often stop to
    offer rides unsolicited.  Transportation will be provided at specific
    times between Mariners and the InterIsland hotel.
    Expect temperatures in the 20's or 30's Celsius, 70's or 80's
    Fahrenheit.  There is often a strong wind, with cloudbursts that
    quickly blow over.  Dress code for the conference is shorts and
    The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), with an
    exchange rate of approximately EC$2.7/US$1, but many goods and
    services in Anguilla, particularly those aimed primarily at tourists
    (such as restaurants and hotels) are priced in US dollars.
    Joan Feigenbaum, AT&T Labs
    Yair Frankel, CertCo
    Matthew Franklin, Xerox PARC
    David Goldschlag, Divx
    Markus Jakobsson, Bell Labs
    Ari Juels, RSA Labs
    Arjen Lenstra, Citibank
    Cliff Neuman, USC
    Berry Schoenmakers, Digicash
    Jacques Stern, ENS
    Yacov Yacobi, Microsoft
    Bennet Yee, UCSD
    Program Chair:
    Matthew Franklin
    email: franklinat_private
    A Call for Papers with information about submitting papers and
    deadlines for submissions can be found on the web at URL
    General Chair:
    Rafael Hirschfeld
    email: unipayat_private
    Local Arrangements Chair:
    Vincent Cate
    email: vinceat_private
    For further information, please see the main FC99 conference web page
    at URL http://fc99.ai/.
    FC99 is sponsored by:
    nCipher Corporation <http://www.ncipher.com>
    Hansa Bank & Trust Company <http://www.hansa.net/>
    Offshore Information Services <http://offshore.com.ai/>
    If you are interested in sponsoring FC99, please contact the General
    Chair at the email address listed above.
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