[ISN] Ex-Worker Arrested in Hacker Scheme

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Date: Sat Aug 22 1998 - 15:45:24 PDT

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    Ex-Worker Arrested in Hacker Scheme
    By Donna De La Cruz
    Associated Press Writer
    Thursday, August 20, 1998; 10:20 p.m. EDT
    NEW YORK (AP) -- A former employee of a large Manhattan brokerage firm was
    arrested Thursday for allegedly asking an undercover detective to hack
    into the company's e-mail system and insert a fake letter that would
    bolster his claim he was unfairly fired. 
    Christian Curry, 24, of Chappaqua, N.Y. was charged with second-degree
    forgery, tampering with physical evidence and second-degree coercion, said
    Deputy Inspector Robert A. Martin, commanding officer of the police
    department's Special Investigation Division. 
    Curry was fired in April from his entry level job at the headquarters of
    Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co., where he worked for less than a year as
    an investment banking analyst, said company spokesperson Jeanmarie
    A company source, who asked not to be identified, said Curry was fired
    because he could not explain some of the expenses he had filed for. 
    Earlier this month, Curry allegedly told company officials he was planning
    to file a federal lawsuit, Martin said. Marvin Smilon, a spokesman for the
    U.S.  Attorney's Office in Manhattan, said he did not know if the lawsuit
    had been filed. 
    Shortly after that, detectives in the Computer Investigation & Technology
    Unit learned from sources that Curry allegedly was looking for someone to
    hack into the company's e-mail and an undercover detective met with Curry
    this week, Martin said. 
    ``At this meeting, Mr. Curry gave this detective a handwritten letter that
    he asked to be inserted through hacking into the Morgan Stanley e-mail
    through their computer system,'' Martin said, adding the letter contained
    derogatory statements about Mr. Curry, blacks and gays. 
    ``He explained to our detective that when this letter was made public
    through the company it would bolster his claims against the company that
    he had been treated unfairly,'' Martin said. 
    Curry was arrested when he met with the same detective Thursday. Curry was
    in police custody Thursday night and could not be reached for comment. 
    Martin said the Manhattan District Attorney's Office was handling the
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