[ISN] L-3 Acquires Trident to Boost Civil IT Protection Business

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Date: Tue Aug 25 1998 - 14:18:12 PDT

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                           (Defense Daily; 08/21/98)
      Aug. 21, 1998 (DEFENSE DAILY, Vol. 200, No. 2 via COMTEX) -- L-3
    Communications [LLL] yesterday said it acquired, for an undisclosed sum, a
    commercial network security business from the privately-held Trident Data
    Systems to bolster L-3 s civil and government information technology
    protection business. 
    The business, Trident Information Protection Toolbox, will become part of
    L-3 s newly-founded subsidiary, L-3 Communications Secure Information
    "Network and information security is a number-one concern for corporations
    today and an $11 billion market worldwide," Frank Lanza, L-3 s chairman
    and CEO, said in a statement. "As more and more threats proliferate,
    Toolbox gives L-3 Communications the capability to provide our commercial
    customers with sophisticated network management technologies successfully
    proven in the highly demanding defense industry." 
    The new, wholly-owned subsidiary will be composed of the commercial
    applications of the company s current secure voice and fax communications
    systems, as well as the newly-formed Network Security Systems
    subsidiary--part of which will be Toolbox-- in which Trident will maintain
    a small stake. 
    "L-3 Communications is an established leader in the market for secure
    voice, data, and fax communications for the military. Many banks,
    financial institutions and industrial customers have expressed an interest
    in the commercial application of these proprietary technologies," Lanza
    added. "With the addition of Toolbox, L-3 can now help corporate clients
    guard against a variety of internal and external threats with a full
    complement of network, communications and data protection products. 
    Cress Carter, chief of Toolbox, will join L-3 and guide efforts to expand
    the business, Lanza said. 
    One day before disclosing the Toolbox acquisition, L-3 concluded its $230
    million cash acquisition of SPD Technologies, the leading producer of
    power systems for military ships. 
    "The addition of SPD has significantly increased our product and subsystem
    base for domestic and foreign navies," Lanza said in a statement. "The
    acquisition of SPD is consistent with our strategy of finding companies
    that are either number one or two in their markets, are strategic to their
    customers, have a strong management team and help us provide more value to
    our customers." 
    L-3 said it would acquire SPD July 6 (Defense Daily, July 7). 
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