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Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 21:12:50 PDT

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     / _ \| |   | ____|  _ \_   _| | Don't let your member of Congress take a
    | |_| | |   |  _| | |_) || | | | vacation on privacy.  Call Rep. Norton
    |  _  | |___| |___|  _ < | | |_| about privacy and security on the net!
    |_| |_|_____|_____|_| \_\|_| (_)     August 21, 1998  (dcal)
               Please forward where appropriate until September 5, 1998
                               Posted August 21, 1998
          This alert brought to you by The Center for Democracy & Technology
    Table of Contents
       Please contact your member of Congress during the August recess
       What you can do for encryption and privacy
       How the SAFE bill protects privacy online
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    Dear Supporter,
    As a participant in the Adopt-Your-Legislator campaign, you are part of
    an important community of Internet users on the front lines of the
    battle for the future of encryption and privacy on the Net.  Your help
    is needed now to educate your legislators about a significant
    development in the encryption debate.
    Just last month, researchers in Silicon Valley built a computer that
    cracked online information protected by the Data Encryption Standard
    (DES) in less than three days. DES-level security is currently used in
    many products to protect your personal and financial information as it
    travels over the Internet. For years, the Administration has maintained
    that DES is adequate for online security and has prohibited the export
    of stronger encryption products without mandatory "back doors".  Your
    member of Congress needs to hear that, as the DES cracking has
    demonstrated, current US policy will not protect our security online
    and *must change*.
    The SAFE (HR 695) bill, currently under consideration by Congress,
    would affirm our rights to strong encryption and relax out-dated export
    controls.  Over the past few months, the FBI has stalled the progress
    of SAFE by mounting an extensive effort on Capitol Hill to push for
    sweeping new domestic surveillance requirements and for mandatory "back
    doors" in encryption technology.
    Although risky, the FBI's arguments are beginning to persuade some
    members of Congress. After all, this year is an election year -- some
    members of Congress are concerned that speaking out against the FBI
    could cost them votes at the polls in November.
    During this election year, members of Congress have reason to be
    particularly attentive to the opinions of their constituents.  Don't
    let your member of Congress take a vacation on this important issue
    during the recess.
    The August recess is your chance to let Rep. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC-AL)
    know that the folks back home care about encryption and privacy on the
    Please take a moment to call Rep. Norton's office to support
    encryption and privacy.
    1. Find out your member of Congress' position on encryption and privacy
    2. Call Rep. Norton's office at (202) 225-8050
    3. Ask for the Staffer who handles encryption or privacy.
    4. Urge Rep. Norton to support encryption and privacy and talk about
       the recent breaking of DES.
       If you are at a loss for words, say the following:
            Hi, I'm a constituent, and I'm calling to remind Rep Norton
            to support encryption and privacy.  The recent cracking of the
            Data Encryption Standard shows that it's time for the government
            to reform encryption policy.
    5.  Let us know how it went!   After you call, visit:
         Your feedback will help us track Rep. Norton's position on this 
         issue and help us coordinate our efforts on the ground in Washington 
    6. To further assist our outreach efforts, forward this ALERT to your
       friends in your neighborhood.
       To learn more about the cracking of DES, see our news item at:
    The SAFE bill (HR695) is a bipartisan bill with over 250 cosponsors in
    the House of Representatives.  The SAFE bill would:
    * SAFE prohibits the Government from imposing mandatory "back-door" access
      to private online communications and business transactions;
    * SAFE affirms the rights of American citizens to use whatever from of
      encryption they choose, regardless of strength, inside the United States;
    * SAFE relaxes outdated export controls on encryption technologies that
      threaten privacy, stifle the growth of US businesses, and threaten US
    To learn more about the SAFE bill, access an archive of Reuters stories
    on encryption, and to learn more about the privacy debate, see:
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