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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Sep 05 1998 - 01:34:01 PDT

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    Learn How to Hack                      
    So you want to be a hacker? Take our online course. 
    By Ira Winkler  September 1, 1998      
    One of the most common questions that I receive from Spy Files readers is,
    "How can I do what you do?" 
    Some people want to know how to get a job as a "Security Professional." 
    Others want to learn to steal billions of dollars and take over banks.
    Some people just want to break into computers. 
    As far as breaking into computers goes-- as I have said before-- I can
    train a monkey to break into a computer in a few hours. It's easy to
    learn, and unfortunately there are hundreds of places on the Internet
    where loser and criminal wannabes can go and teach themselves. You are not
    going to learn that here. 
    The traditional definition of "hacking" is this: learning about computers
    and how they work. That is what I plan to teach. This is not something
    that is quickly taught. It isn't expensive, but it does cost you time and
    Fundamental knowledge
    Over the next several weeks, my columns will tell you how to learn about
    computers, with some focus on security-related issues. What allows me to
    be "good" at my job as a security professional is my basic understanding
    of computer fundamentals. As a matter of fact, it not only allows me to be
    a security professional, it allows me to be good in any area related to
    computers that I want to work in. 
    To put it simply, these columns are going to teach you marketable skills. 
    While some of the columns may involve some technical skills, they can be
    picked up by anyone who wants to learn them. Remember, a good "hacker"
    relies upon their tenacity to keep trying until they are successful. Also
    remember that hacking is about learning, and not about breaking into
    Now, onto the first lesson. 
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