[ISN] Three Golden Security Rules

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Sat Sep 05 1998 - 08:00:06 PDT

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    Three Golden Security Rules             
    By Ira Winkler
    Whenever people talk to me about my work, they want to hear about hackers,
    spies, and the like. They want advice on how to protect themselves, but
    are surprised to find that I have three basic suggestions that seem to
    have little to do with security. 
    These three solutions-- which are as important for businesses as they are
    for individuals-- address the most common problems that people face. 
    It's the simple things that get you, and the simple things that can save
    you. Sure there are more advanced precautions you can and should take, but
    you can't go wrong starting with these simple steps.  (My book, Corporate
    Espionage, discusses most of the other security procedures that will
    protect you from most determined attacks.) 
    Please take the time to prevent thousands of dollars in losses. 
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