Re: [ISN] Beware the keystroke cops

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 22:10:57 PDT

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    Reply From: Trevor Schroeder <tschroedat_private>
    > (Data Interception and Remote Transmission), it was released in June by
    > Codex Data Systems. Investigators need only know your e-mail address to
    > secretly install the program. Once they do, investigators can read your
    Eh?   The similarity between this and Good Times is striking. *smirk*  Does
    anyone have any solid information on this product?  There are so many reasons
    why this simply can't be the case:
    	* Vector of transmission:  how EXACTLY does this thing infect your
    	  system?  Even the best of remote attacks require a remote
    	  insecurity.  (the classic being RTM, Jr's exploitation of fingerd)
    	  What if my system is secure?
    	* Differences in OS's:  What affects Win95 won't necessarily affect NT
    	  almost certainly (unless very cleverly crafted) won't affect NetBSD,
    	* Different Platforms:  Will this same beast attack a Win95 computer
    	  and a Mac and a Cray?  Or maybe it's a really fat binary. ;/
    I'm so tired of all the hype around security software.  Rent a clue.  Even the
    nefarious BackOrifice can't infect your computer (your Intel Win95/Win95
    computer at that) without you executing the program manually.  *sigh*
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