[ISN] ICSA Releases 1998 Computer Virus Prevalence Survey

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Sep 15 1998 - 01:44:29 PDT

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    ICSA Releases 1998 Computer Virus Prevalence Survey
    Despite Increased Use of Anti-Virus Software, Incidence of Infection
    CARLISLE, PA (September 14, 1998) — ICSA, Inc. today released results from
    its 1998 Computer Virus Prevalence Survey which revealed that the rate of
    infection in 1998 is 48 percent higher than reported in l997. The annual
    survey is based upon interviews with technology professionals drawn from
    300 corporations and government institutions in the United States
    representing some 750,000 PCs and servers. The survey examines the state
    of computer viruses today. 
    One of the most disturbing trends uncovered by the report is that despite
    increased use of anti-virus software, computer virus infection rates
    continue to increase. Of those surveyed, almost 100 percent have
    anti-virus software installed and running continuously. The main reason
    for the increase in prevalence appears to be ineffective policy management
    across the enterprise. More specifically, regular software updates, email
    policies, improper installation and policies governing remote computer
    The survey revealed numerous findings of interest to computer users around
    the world. The report explored topics such as infection trends, the top
    ten viruses, the top sources of infection, the effects of viruses on
    business productivity, anti-virus software usage trends, ActiveX controls
    and Java applets, and the impact of the Internet on virus proliferation. 
    "The dramatic increase in the incidence of computer viruses is being
    driven by the rapid proliferation of macro viruses," said Peter Tippett,
    president of ICSA. "The primary infection vector for a macro virus is as
    an email attachment. Macro viruses spread easily because the infected
    files often exhibit few if any obvious symptoms. Because computer users
    need run time, anti-virus software needs to continuously scan email
    attachments for viruses." 
    ICSA Computer Virus Prevalence Survey Sponsored by Leaders in Computer
    ICSA’s 1998 Computer Virus Prevalence Survey was sponsored by several of
    the world’s leading computer security vendors and consulting firms.
    Sponsors included Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT), Anywhere Software,
    Computer Associates (NYSE: CA), Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA), Intel
    (Nasdaq:  INTC), Panda Software, Price Waterhouse, LLP, Symantec
    Corporation (Nasdaq:  SYMC), Dr. Solomon’s Software and Trend Micro, Inc. 
    Pricing and Availability
    Thanks to the support of the report’s sponsors the ICSA 1998 Computer
    Virus Prevalence Survey is available at no charge, as a public service,
    from ICSA’s web site. The report can be found at http://www.icsa.net. Hard
    copies of the 105 page report can be purchased for $19.95 each by
    contacting ICSA’s Professional Resource Library at 717-241-3210 or via
    email at prayat_private 
    About ICSA, Inc. 
    ICSA, Inc. is the worldwide security assurance company. Established in
    1989 as an independent corporation, ICSA has successfully led the security
    industry in the development of high quality security products through
    product certification programs and in establishing better security
    practices through management of multiple security-focused consortia. ICSA
    certifications and security standards are accepted globally. 
    ICSA provides security assurance services including TruSecure™, an
    integrated and continuous service that reduces the risk and damage from
    malicious attacks directed at a company’s valuable information and
    information systems. TruSecure™ helps clients dramatically reduce
    Internet security risks on their Internet perimeter. ICSA currently has
    offices in North America, Europe and Asia. ICSA can be reached by phone at
    (800) 488-4595 or on the Internet at http://www.icsa.net. 
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