[ISN] Clinton To Relax Crypto Rules

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 16 1998 - 02:36:49 PDT

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    Clinton To Relax Crypto Rules
    By Reuters, lettersat_private
    Special to CNET News.com
    WASHINGTON--The Clinton administration tomorrow will announce a further
    relaxation of U.S. export limits on data scrambling technologies,
    considered critical for securing electronic commerce and Internet
    communications, people familiar with the plan said. 
    The latest plan will continue the administration's piecemeal strategy of
    easing some of the export controls without fully lifting the limits as
    many high-tech companies and civil liberties groups would like. 
    Part of the plan is expected to allow for rapid exports of strong
    encryption products that scramble information carried over computer or
    communications networks. A group of computer companies led by Cisco
    Systems [ http://www.cisco.com/ ] proposed such a network-based encryption
    scheme in July. 
    But the latest proposals will likely represent only a partial resolution
    of the long-running debate between the high-tech industry and civil
    libertarians, who favor unfettered use of encryption, and law enforcement
    and national security officials who fear unregulated use of the technology
    would help criminals. 
    The White House announcement comes in part as a response to a
    private-sector proposal in May to broadly relax the export limits. 
    Congress has discussed several bills to dramatically lift the export
    limits, but the proposals have been stymied by opponents and are unlikely
    to pass this year. Several lawsuits are also pending challenging the
    constitutionality of the limits. 
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