[ISN] CALL FOR PAPERS, 3rd Mac-Crypto Conference, OCT 98

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 16 1998 - 09:45:28 PDT

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    Originally From: vinnieat_private
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    Its that time again folks.
     I am starting to put together the 3rd Mac Crypto/ internet commerce
     The dates  will be the  week of Oct  5-9, 1998, I have reserved the
    Apple Town Hall Auditorium in the Apple Campus (RD4)
     >>>>>>>>>>  I am looking for folks to talk, papers etc.. <<<<<<<<<
     This years goals are to:
     1) Provide a place for developers to learn how they can embed crypto
     support into thier MacOS / Rhapsody products today.
     2) Give developers a chance to show off some of the work that has
     done in the past year.
     3) Plan what needs to be done and talk about product opportunities.
     4) Give the developers a chance to tell Apple and other vendors what
     they want to see in the future.
     to see what we have done the past two years,  please check out the
    web-page at
     http://www.vmeng.com/mc/ . I should be posting a preliminary
     formal announcements and registration  form shortly.
    If you wish to participate, please send me a title, authors names &
    email address
    and a short (1 paragraph)  abstract of your talk.
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