[ISN] NFR Demonstrates Leading Intrusion Detection Capability

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Date: Wed Sep 16 1998 - 11:15:37 PDT

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    Network Flight Recorder Demonstrates Leading Intrusion Detection Capability
    NFR significantly faster than competitors in open testing at InfowarCon '98
    Washington, DC - September 16, 1998 - Network Flight Recorder, Inc. 
    (Bloomberg Ticker: 9022Z EQUITY) demonstrated its industry-leading traffic
    analysis engine in a public intrusion detection showcase at InfowarCon '98
    in Washington, DC. Before a live audience, Network Flight Recorder®
    demonstrated real-time alerts as it detected attacks launched against a
    demonstration network. Also in attendance at the event was Internet
    Security Systems (NASDAQ: ISSX). Other intrusion detection vendors, Cisco
    Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) and AXENT Technologies (NASDAQ: AXNT), were
    scheduled to attend but did not. Attendees of the conference observed the
    NFR detecting intrusions significantly faster than the other product being
    demonstrated.  During the operational testing, NFR detected exactly the
    same number of attacks as ISS' RealSecure, with both products missing only
    one of the attacks. NFR's flexible N-Code network analysis scripting
    language allowed it to be configured on the spot to detect the new attack.
    N-Code scripting allows an NFR to be deployed in multiple roles
    simultaneously, performing a mix of intrusion detection, usage monitoring,
    performance analysis, and data retention. Its platform-independent Java
    interface allows it to be accessed and queried by any Web browser-equipped
    system, allowing administrators to manage it from virtually any desktop. 
    The InfowarCon '98 conference organizer, Winn Schwartau, observed, "We saw
    excellent detection capabilities demonstrated by the only two companies
    who were willing to subject themselves to a vendor-neutral showcase. Both
    companies' products performed extremely well. 
    Network Flight Recorder, Inc. President and CEO Marcus J. Ranum explained,
    "In today's industry, flexibility is essential. NFR is the only
    programmable traffic analysis/intrusion detection engine that can be
    instantly updated when a new attack is discovered. Our technology allows
    our customers the ability to specify their own events and types of
    information to collect. Why settle for a sniffer with a bunch of hacker
    logic glued onto it, when you can have complete on-demand access to
    information about any event on your network as well as intrusion detection
    and real-time alerts? Sites are using NFR for everything from performance
    analysis to Web site statistics to usage-based billing, and they can do it
    without buying multiple solutions." 
    "In a market filled with snake oil products that, in many cases, do more
    damage than good - it is great to see Network Flight Recorder actually
    capable of performing what it claims," commented Dr. Mudge, of L0pht Heavy
    Industries. "Not only that, it makes the other products in the market look
    seriously anemic. The ability to write structured logic across platforms
    in N-Code for any of your network analysis needs is a godsend. How many
    others release their engine source code to the general community? It's
    time for people to follow suit... if they can..." 
    Network Flight Recorder is the industry's most widely deployed network
    intrusion detection engine, with over 4,500 sites worldwide downloading
    the freely available research version. Its N-Code traffic analysis
    specification language is an open standard, and is freely available.
    External organizations, including government researchers, journalists, and
    security experts, have independently implemented intrusion detection
    filter systems using the open N-Code language. "We wanted to produce a
    tool that doesn't lock the customer into a narrow view of what they can
    learn about their network," explained Ranum. "Today's network managers
    have so many different and rapidly changing requirements, you simply can't
    offer them a closed, proprietary solution." 
    About Network Flight Recorder (NFR) 
    Network Flight Recorder, with offices around the United States and
    resellers worldwide, is a leading developer of intrusion detection,
    network traffic, and network analysis tools The flexibility of the NFR
    software provides effective local and distributed misuse detection
    solutions for small, medium, and large environments. NFR's highly
    customizable technology is deployed at more than 1,500 sites worldwide,
    including financial institutions, Internet service providers,
    telecommunications companies, national governments, military sites,
    intelligence agencies, and Fortune 500 firms. NFR news and company
    information can be found on The Bloomberg under the ticker symbol: 9022Z
    EQUITY and on the World Wide Web at http://www.nfr.net. 
     Network Flight Recorder
     Barnaby Page
    Network Flight Recorder is a registered trademark and NFR and the striped
    NFR logo are trademarks of Network Flight Recorder, Inc. Other products,
    services, and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their
    respective owners. 
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