Re: [ISN] Security expert explains New York Times site break in

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 19:37:08 PDT

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    Reply From: Eric Budke <budkeat_private>
    Rather than going all the way to the bottom, is it just me, or does this
    look to be the biggest bunch of marketing BS?
    >Hackers often break in by exploiting security vulnerabilities associated
    >with default Common Gateway Interface scripts that ship with Web servers,
    >according to Patrick Taylor, director of strategic marketing at Internet
    >Security Systems in Atlanta. 
    Hmm, when you piece the above with the below, it doesn't seem like such a
    coincidence anymore.  
    >By coincidence, the Times had once looked at using the ISS security gear,
    >but decided not to, he said. The Times declined to discuss any aspect of
    >its Web operations, saying it was "a matter of security." 
    What a surprise.  If only they'd used ISS products, they would have averted
    this disaster.  Why, thank you Mr. Marketing Director.  I feel so stupid
    and I bet the NYTimes folks do too.
    In essence the rest of the piece goes on about how he thinks it happened.
    Well I have a guess too.  But it is just a guess until someone better comes
    out with the story.  He kinda admits that he hasn't heard, yet he goes on
    like it is fact, and the reporter bruisers her knee trying to write
    everything down so fast.
    If someone cares to fill me in on how it really happened, I'd be happy to
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