[ISN] RSI launches Free Penetration Assessment offer

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Sep 19 1998 - 09:51:05 PDT

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    RepSec, Inc. launches Free Penetration Assessment offer
    SCOTTSDALE, Az - September 18, 1998 - There is a growing concern for many
    companies today about the security of their corporate networks, and the
    risks they face in connecting those networks to the Internet.  While this
    concern continues to grow, there is still a pervading attitude of "my
    system wouldn't be targeted by an attacker.".  This prevailing attitude
    leaves many businesses in their own form of a "race" condition:  A race
    between administrators and crackers in how fast a security patch be
    implemented vs how fast can the security hole be exploited.  The question
    becomes one of time.  Not so much if they will be attacked, but more a
    question of when, and when they are - how will they know?
    RSI's "Free Penetration Assessment" offer allows companies to take a quick
    snapshot of their networks external access points.  Although limited in
    scope, the service being offered by RSI offers the best possible marriage
    for companies who realize they may have a problem, but are unsure about
    committing resources to verify that for sure.
    "Many companies we talk with today, follow a handful of public forums for
    security information and realize there is a growing security dilemma
    facing their networks today," said Brian Matthews, President of RSI, "but
    even then, they're only seeing a portion of the bugs, exploits, and
    vulnerabilities circulating the net.  Still, armed with that and more
    information, many corporate decisions makers are unwilling to commit the
    resources necessary for the proper safeguards and protections to their IS
    departments until it is too late - or there is an embarrassing or costly
    network compromise." 
    The Free Penetration Assessment service being offered by RSI, provides a
    happy medium for both corporate and IS departments.  The service is quite
    simple.  RSI will perform a remote penetration of the company's network. 
    If RSI is unable to penetrate the network, then there is no cost to the
    company for the assessment.  However, if RSI network security engineers
    are able to penetrate the company's network, then an agreement for
    compensation or continued consultation would be transpire.
    "This is a risk-free opportunity for companies who have wanted to test
    their networks external security posture," said Brian Martin, CTO of RSI,
    "If a company has been diligent with their security, installed system
    patches, and maintained their corporate security policy, then this
    provides yet another check in maintaining their desired security level.
    However, if the system has been compromised, or there exists the
    capability of the system to be compromised, then it is better to find out
    about it now and limit the potential for further damage on the network.
    Pro-active security is essential these days."
    RSI security engineers have performed penetration assessment and network
    audits previously for government, DOD, Fortune 500, and international
    banking interests.  For more information on RSI, or if you wish to take
    advantage of RSI's Free Penetration Assessment offer, please call
    602.494.0473 or you may visit the RSI web site at http://www.repsec.com.
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