[ISN] Business Spotlight: Corporate NW Security

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 16:18:54 PDT

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    Business Spotlight: Corporate Network Security
    Does a hacker sit two cubes away from you? A new survey from
    PricewaterhouseCoopers and Information Week finds that among the 73
    percent of companies that have experienced a security breach in the past
    year, authorized employees accounted for 58 percent of the break-ins. 
    Forrester analyst Ted Julian explains that hacking incidents are expensive
     not just because of the cost of what's taken but because of the costs
    associated with cleaning up the mess. 
    Research from the Computer Security Institute and the FBI estimates the
    cost of all computer crime climbed to $136 million in 1998  a seemingly
    modest number, though computer crime also tends to be vastly
    underreported. The incidence of Internet-originated attacks rose to 54
    percent  up from 38 percent in 1996. 
    Your best defense? Offense. "A sound, secure environment starts with
    policy," says Chris Christiansen, director of IDC's Internet security
    service. Documentation of proper access, traffic flow and password
    maintenance will make your corporate network a less-attractive target. 
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