[ISN] TRINUX - A Linux Security Toolkit

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 08:57:06 PDT

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    TRINUX - A Linux Security Toolkit
    Trinux Developer:  M.D. Franz
    What is Trinux? 
    Trinux is a portable Linux distribution that boots from 2 HD floppies 
    (or a FAT 16 partition) and runs entirely in RAM.  Trinux contains the 
    latest versions of popular network security tools and is useful for 
    mapping and monitoring TCP/IP networks.  Trinux allows you to transform 
    an ordinary x86 PC into a powerful network [security] management 
    workstation without modifying the existing hardware or operating system.  
    The default configuration of Trinux supports a number of popular network 
    interface cards as well as DHCP. Additional features and hardware 
    support may be added through kernel modules. 
    Current Features 
    Intel 486 or compatible with at least 16MB of RAM.  Kernel 2.0.34.  
    Built-in support for 3Com 509/589/900, ne2000, epic100 NIC cards.  IP 
    firewalls, masquerading, and aliasing.  Includes a complete set of 
    tools for remote information gathering including connect() scan, SYN 
    scan, FIN scan, SNMP scan, RPC, NFS, as well and DNS queries and zone 
    transfers.  Several high quality sniffers for capturing network headers 
    and data complete the package.  Nearly a half-dozen curses-based 
    network monitors are provided to provide the clearest picture of your 
    network.  The network interface may be manually configured or use 
    Microsoft of ISC DHCP.
    For more information ...
    visit the Trinux home page at:
    Trinux FTP sites:
    Trinux ListServ:
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    Trinux Developer:  M.D. Franz
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