RE: [ISN] Computer hackers led police to child pornography suspect

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 09:25:23 PDT

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    On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, mea culpa wrote:
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    Try to actually READ AND COMPREHEND the article next time you decide to make
    brash, unfounded accusations, Liam.
    >| Ooo, goody. Let's ignore due process and lynch the guy. Never mind that the
    >| guy has not come to trial or been convicted. Simply publish his address and
    >| then we'll just round up Joe Bob and the boys and cut his testicles off.
    We found postings in newsgroups of prepubescent children involved in sex acts.
    Time stamps and IP addresses were of course in the headers.  We forwarded this
    information to the appropriate authorities.
    Our work ended there.  We provided no names, no addresses.  We did not attempt
    to contact any potential suspects.
    The PA State Police conducted their own investigation from that point on.
    They got the proper evidence and warrants, they traced the USENET post headers
    to the suspect mentioned in the news article, they arrested and charged the 
    >| Geez. Those EHAP boys would fit right in down in Alabama in the 60's. or in
    >| Germany in the 30's. Be damned with the law or "innocent until proven
    >| guilty". Just fry them and feel good about it.
    The PA State Police released their suspect's name to the public.
    The Morning Call Newspaper published the suspect's name and personal 
    The suspect ADMITTED that he was guilty of the charges against him and he also
    confirmed that he knew he had violated laws.
    All of this information is in the news article.
    If you desire to make inane and unfounded references or comparisons to
    Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, or the Ku Klux Klan, then at least take the
    time to read the facts, comprehend the facts, and direct your slanderous
    comments to the appropriate people/organisations.
    EHAP did nothing more than supply LE with publically accessible newsgroup
    headers associated with prepubescent child pornography postings.  We leave
    all matters involving the law, justice, and punishment to law enforcement
    agencies and the criminal justice system.
    We are NOT vigilantes.  We do NOT make any attempts to circumvent or 
    violate ANY laws or constitutional rights.
    The only "crimes" we are guilty of are:
    1) having compassion for human beings and respect for human life,
       INCLUDING the freedoms and privacies that ALL children deserve.
    2) volunteering to assist LE with the collection of evidence related
       SOLELY to felony sex crimes perpetrated against innocent children.
    NO, Liam.  We will NOT apologize for giving a damn about the human race,
    about freedom, about individual privacy, about the rights of innocent 
    children, or about an Internet overrun with child pornography purveyors.
    If I could apologize for your ignorance though, Liam, I would, but only
    you have the right to speak for yourself.
    Ken Williams, EHAP
    Packet Storm Security
    E.H.A.P. Corporation  ehapat_private infoat_private
    NCSU Comp Sci Dept jkwilli2at_private
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    >| Computer hackers led police to child pornography suspect
    >|     A Bethlehem man charged with posting child pornography on the Internet
    >| was turned in by a computer hackers group that searches the World Wide
    >| Web for exploitation of children and notifies authorities of what it
    >| finds, court records show.
    >|     William H. Prugh, 44, of 2175 Pinehurst Road was charged Friday with
    >| 15 counts of possessing and disseminating child pornography a week aft
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